Must Have ALL The Bling!

I’ve heard that our cells completely change every seven years, so I guess this is why I suddenly must have ALL the bling! Any new cell I’ve acquired is mad for the shiny things. Mirrors, crystal, silver, furry things, velvet, chandeliers. And purple. Oh, the purple!

I’ve always loved purple, and it’s been at the top of my favorite color list for most of my life. For about ten years, though, it’s shared the top spot with Tiffany blue. No more! While I still love the blue, the purple has regained the lead. As well it should, since it’s the traditional color of royalty and probably chafed at having to share the spotlight with another color. So I’m debating paint colors now. Yes, y’all, I’m about to drive my husband straight up the nearest wall by redecorating things.

It’s unfortunate that the decorating gene skipped me, though. My mom was always able to turn our home into a cozy space decorated in whatever style caught her fancy. I was never able to fathom her zeal for what was termed “Early American,” but she liked it, so we had a lot of furniture and accessories in that style as I was growing up. Of course, we had the turquoise blue kitchen appliances, but those came with the house. I’m not sure how much say Mom had over that, because she went all Harvest Gold the minute we moved.

What, you never heard of turquoise blue kitchen appliances? Oh, they were a thing, all right. This photo isn’t our home in Russellville, Arkansas, but the only (and I mean the only) thing different is that our cooktop was also blue.

Despite my lack of an operative decorating gene, I’ve spent the past several years redoing our living room, bathroom, and kitchen, and trying (and failing) to whip my office into shape, too. I’m not one of those people who choose one theme and implement it throughout the house, though. My living room is now done in a coastal, beachy theme, my kitchen is rustic farmhouse, and my bathroom is…well, it’s purple and gray, and that’s as far as I got with it since we completely remodeled it last year. (My office is supposed to be totally bohemian, like my recording studio, but I’ve been stifled by those hideous blonde-paneled walls. The 1970s were great for music, but not so much for interiors.) But now? My new cells are singing “Mama Needs the Glam!”

Now, my budget will not allow me to turn my home decor into a whorehouse a completely glam space. I mean, have you seen the price of velvet Chesterfield sofas?! (But, oh, I want one!) So I’ve decided I can change my beachy living room into Coastal Glam, my farmhouse kitchen into Rustic Glam, and my bathroom into the full-on Glam I want. And, yes, Coastal Glam and Rustic Glam are actual things, as I found to my delight. Apparently there are other women out there like me who want the shiny but can’t go full-on right now.

So my Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt painted walls will remain in the living room, along with all my coastal touches, but a lot of it will end up being blasted with silver metallic spray paint. My farmhouse decor will stay in the kitchen, but will be side-by-side with all the shiny things I can cram in there. And the light gray walls in the bathroom will end up painted one of those yummy deep, deep purple colors on one of those paint chips. And my office? Can we say Bohemian Glam? I’ve already started on that. My youngest gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and I’ve bought a chandelier (albeit a small one):

and a furry throw and an angora pillow:

I have two silver sequined pillow covers on the way, too. Now I just need to swing by Ikea and get some inserts.

I intend to paint those awful walls, and E-6000 mirrors onto anything that doesn’t move out of my way first. Oh, and how about an entire wall covered with shimmery silver curtains? YES! But my flower child, gypsy spirit, bohemian side will remain in full view. After all, bohemian goes with everything. And my lava lamp is purple!

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The One Button That Will Change Your Life For The Better

I have found it, the one button online that will change your life for the better with one click! Seriously, DO try this at home. I did, and I’m telling ya, it works. Continue reading

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Weighty Matters and Personal Joy

Where do we find our personal joy? This question was brought to the forefront of my mind today, and so I’m discussing some weighty matters about it here.

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I’ve Become “That” Woman

Holy cats, y’all, I realized yesterday that despite my best efforts I have become “that” woman. And by “that” I mean someone that yells at the television. I know, right? I mean, they don’t listen to me anyway, so why waste time yelling? (I’d just like to point out that numerous sports teams would have won games if they’d just listened to me when I yelled at them through the television, but nooo. They just kept running three downs and punting.) Continue reading

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I’m Making a List…Of Food

Before I tell you about my list, I want to let you know that I’ll be hosting some fantastic giveaways beginning in January! For six months I’ll have some wonderful gift baskets, gift cards, and other cool things I’ve picked up and saved to give out, and there will be three winners each month. These giveaways are only for subscribers to my newsletter, so if you want to be in the running to win some sweet items sign up for the newsletter at this link: You’ll get a free e-copy of Sister Golden Hair when you sign up, so the freebies start right then!

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I’m Glad My Bra Isn’t Like My Friends

I can count on my bra for support. When it comes to my books and my business, my friends (and the majority of my family) are elastic that’s been through the wash too many times. No support. None. And it’s not just me. This seems to be endemic among authors, artists, musicians, small business owners, and anyone who isn’t a celebrity. That sucks. Continue reading

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Staying Nice In The Face of Ugliness

Staying nice even when everything around you is ugly isn’t the easiest thing in the world. And it seems like the majority of people have decided it’s just too hard to implement being nice when faced with criticism. I made a vow a couple of months ago that I would be nice no matter what. And yes, it’s been hard. And yes, I’ve slipped up a couple of times, because returning ugly for ugly gets to be a habit, and it becomes ingrained when it’s every-freakin’-where you look. But I pick myself up when I fall, dust myself off, and determine to be nice. And I’ve noticed that my incidents of being nice are now starting to outweigh my bouts of returning the ugly. Continue reading

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Just a Few Tantalizing Tidbits For You

Just a few tantalizing tidbits for you today!

Tidbit #1:

Heart of GoldHeart of Gold by Juli Page Morgan has made its debut and is doing splendidly, thanks to you! I appreciate so much all of you who’ve bought the book, and your kind words just make my day! If you’d like to leave a review at your favorite online retailer or Goodreads, that would be lovely. If you’d prefer not to, that’s lovely, too. Whatever you’re comfortable with is always best.

If you’ve not yet subscribed to my newsletter, I’d like to urge you to sign up because there’s always exclusive content in each one that you can’t find anywhere else.  Continue reading

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Surprise Release! The Paperback Is Out!

Imagine my surprise when I found out the paperback edition of Heart of Gold released five full days before the ebook! But I’ve stopped trying to figure out what retailers are up to, and just roll with it. 😉

If you’d like the print edition, it’s $11.99 USD, and if you have Amazon Prime you get free shipping. Just click here.

Enjoy! It’s so pretty!

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Rock Fiction Primer, Part Two: Aircraft

This is Part Two of a (majorly delayed) series I’ve entitled Rock Fiction Primer. I’ve read some head-clutchingly inaccurate descriptions of some of the basics of the world of rock ‘n roll in recent fiction, so I thought I’d give you a peek at what some of it’s really like. I’ll be covering the tour bus, custom jets, backstage, the itinerary, and the crew. If there are any subjects about rock bands (on tour or not) you’d like to know more about, just shout out in the comments.

When Heart of Gold is released this coming Tuesday, you’ll catch some action that occurs in the aircraft Illicit hired to ferry them around on their Romancing My Stones tour. While the majority of rock bands don’t spring for the big V.I.P. jet like Illicit, some of the biggest ones will. (And Illicit is, in my books, the hottest rock band on the planet, and the most successful, so yes, they’re gonna go for the big plane.) There are a lot of options for charter jets used by bands, so let’s take a peek at some of them. Continue reading

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