Why I Can’t Relate to Most Fictional “Strong” Women

Strong fictional women. Everyone wants them, but few know how to create them correctly. I don’t know if Hollywood is influencing authors, or authors are influencing Hollywood, but I absolutely can’t relate to the majority of fictional female characters billed as “strong.”

I had one of those days yesterday when I had zero motivation to do anything constructive. Television isn’t something I normally use to relieve boredom (or, in this case, excessive laziness) but one of the cable channels shows NCIS reruns on certain days, and yesterday was one of those days. Now, I love NCIS. Correction: I used to love NCIS. Continue reading

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Why Are My Books Not On Kobo?

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed (probably not!) but my books are no longer available for sale on Kobo. If you’re a Kobo customer, I apologize that you can’t find Romances for the Bohemian Soul there anymore, and here’s why. Continue reading

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I just had to pop in here to tell you I am in full celebration mode! I’ve just finished writing Heart of Gold, and I could not be happier or more relieved. The drought is over y’all! Heart of Gold is finished at last.

Pre-orders will go up soon, so stay tuned.

Y’all, I am so thrilled! Celebration time is here!

Stay wild, flower child!

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What In The World Is She Doing?

First of all, if you’ve stuck with me this long, you have my undying gratitude! I love you. Seriously. Like hearts and flowers and long guitar solos love you. But I know there are times you might have seen my name flash by and thought, “What in the world is she doing?” Because it didn’t seem like I was doing much. But, oh, y’all, so much is going on now! I’m so excited about it, and hope you will be, too.

There are several projects in the works right now, including one I really can’t mention at the moment. Continue reading

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How Do I Connect With You? Trying to Close the Author/Reader Divide.

Other than this website, my main online hangouts are Instagram and Facebook. Those are the places I connect with readers. I have accounts on Twitter and Google+ even though I don’t use them since I don’t like those platforms. I even have a Snapchat. I think I’ve sent one in the past two years. So, it’s Instagram and Facebook. Thing is, Instagram isn’t really a conversational platform, and Facebook severely restricts access to my page followers. No, really. Out of almost 800 followers of Juli Page Morgan on Facebook, only about 120 of them ever see my daily posts there. So, how do I connect with you? Continue reading

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Miss It Monday: Wedding Announcements

Welcome to the inaugural Miss It Monday post! Miss It Monday will appear when I run across and/or remember something I used to love but is either no longer produced, or is in such limited supply that it might as well be a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

When I was a kid I kept a scrapbook. No biggie there, right? In the 70s a large majority of us kept scrapbooks. Mine was filled with the cards I received for birthdays, pressed blossoms from floral bouquets or arrangements, snapshots, school photos of my friends, newspaper clippings of things I found interesting; you know the sort of thing. But, unlike most kids, the majority of my newspaper clippings were wedding announcements. Continue reading

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I’ve Lost the Best Friend that I Ever Had

Juli Page Morlgan, Romance for the Bohemian Soul

Trust my rock ‘n roll mind to understand Black Sabbath lyrics, right? But the first line of their 1972 song Changes resonated a lot with me recently. “I feel unhappy/I feel so sad/I’ve lost the best friend that I ever had.” Granted, I’ve moved past the unhappy, sad phase, but I did lose the person who was once my best friend. Only I lost this friend years ago and never realized it fully until now. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!


And peace on earth.

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Tell Ya What I’m a-Gonna Do

Checking it Twice at Juli Page Morgan's Blog

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanzaa! And Die Winter Die. Oh. Ahem. That last one’s just for me. Let’s just insert a sheepish smile here, shall we? But while I’m hibernating until spring I thought I’d get caught up on my list of Things I’m a-Gonna Do. And since you’re hanging with me today, I thought I’d Tell Ya What I’m a-Gonna Do. Continue reading

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Where Is Everyone?

On the sidebar to the right of this post you’ll see all the icons that link to my various social media accounts. Sometimes I think about removing some of them, because I go there and think, “Where is everyone?” There’s no one there, or if someone is there it’s not really anyone with whom I care to communicate. But I still keep the accounts because there are always nefarious-minded individuals who like to scoop up people’s names and open fake accounts with them. If I have the accounts and check in every now and again I can maintain my control over them. But honestly? There are only a couple of places I can be found with any regularity. Here’s my Social Media Update in case you go looking for me. 😉 Continue reading

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