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Romance for the Bohemian Soul


When Juli Page Morgan found out she could play rock records and get paid for it she got her first job at a radio station when she was a teenager. To her everlasting delight, that job came with All Access backstage passes where Juli got to know those beautiful men who made the music. Radio and rock music left her with so many wonderful stories to tell, so now she shares them with you. Juli writes Romance for the Bohemian Soul, including The Illicit Novels and other rockin’ things.

“There are few books out there that hit what rock and roll, and the people behind it, is all about. Given Juli’s history, you’ll immediately understand why her books rock on so many levels.” — Terri Herman-Ponce, author of the Past Life series

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             Juli Page Morgan was just born in the wrong decade. It wasn’t easy growing up a bohemian flower child in a world full of polyester, but she made it work. And while everyone else followed the prescribed route to success, Juli followed her dream—rock music and the people who created it.

When she found out she could play rock records and get paid for it she got her first job at a radio station when she was a teenager. To her everlasting delight, that job came with All Access backstage passes where Juli got to know those beautiful men who made the music. She stood side-stage as they played, has been on their tour buses, in their hotel rooms, and backstage in their dressing rooms and at the aftershow parties. Radio and rock music left her with so many wonderful stories to tell, so now she shares them with you.

Though the Mississippi Gulf Coast will always be home, Juli and her husband currently live in Arkansas. When she isn’t writing, Juli records voiceovers for television commercials. She’s shamelessly in love with vinyl records, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and French Onion dip, not necessarily in that order.

Juli writes Romance for the Bohemian Soul, including The Illicit Novels and other rockin’ things. She’d love to have you connect with her and get wild, flower child.


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Crimson and Clover

  • Publisher: Carey On Publishing LLC
  • ISNB-10: 1311844514
  • ISBN-13: 978-1311844514
  • Ebook and Paperback

Katie Scott may look like a flower child, but under her bohemian exterior beats the heart of June Cleaver. Even though the Summer of Love and the behind-the-scenes disintegration of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury left her disillusioned, she’s still resolved to blend the counter-culture with an idyllic, traditional family life. Since it didn’t happen in California, maybe she can find it in Swinging London.

British guitar god Jay Carey has just walked away from his successful band, intent on forming a new group where he can finally play the kind of music he really wants. Falling in love isn’t part of his plan, but he can’t resist the electric attraction to the fresh, young American flower child when friends introduce them. When Katie moves in with him, it seems both of them finally have all they’ve dreamed of.

But life with a rock ‘n roll star doesn’t lend itself well to white picket fences. The sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll lifestyle that brought them together seems intent on tearing them apart. Can Katie and Jay keep their dreams and their love alive, or will the stresses and betrayals of the music scene be their undoing?

2013 Finalist Book Junkie’s Reader’s Choice Awards

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “This is a must-read for anyone who loves classic rock and roll. Better yet, this is a must read for someone who’s looking for something real.” – Terri Herman-Ponce, author of the Past Lives series

Crimson and Clover was previously published by Crimson Romance in 2013. The updated and newly edited book was published by Carey On Publishing LLC on October 5, 2015.

Available in Ebook and/or Paperback: Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Kobo |


Athena’s Daughter

  • Publisher: Carey On Publishing LLC
  • ISBN-10: 1484025849
  • ISBN-13: 978-1484025840
  • Ebook and Paperback

Seven years ago Athena Hill made a hasty decision that hurt the two people she loves most, only they don’t know it. Yet.

When Athena fell in love with up-and-coming rock guitarist Derek Marshall on her vacation to England, she thought the rest of her life was mapped out – marriage to Derek, a home in London, and a happily ever after. But an expired visa sends her back home to Memphis where she discovers she’s pregnant. Believing Derek betrayed her after she left, she takes her sister’s advice to keep the baby a secret from him.

Now Derek’s band is at the top of the music charts, and he thinks he has it all. Until he walks into a record store in Memphis, Tennessee and sees the woman who shattered his heart. Shock turns to white hot anger when he learns about the child he never knew he had.

Now Athena’s daughter has the father she always wanted and needed, and Derek is overjoyed to have his child in his life.  But as for Athena? Derek still treats her like someone he used to know. Can he forgive her for what she did, or has the past destroyed any chance of happiness with the man she still loves?

A 2014 RONE Award Nominee

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “A wonderfully emotional story where the characters leap off the page right into your heart!” – InD’Tale Magazine

Available in Ebook and/or Paperback: Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Kobo |


Song Without Words

  • Publisher: Carey On Publishing LLC
  • ISBN-10: 1492837725
  • ISBN-13: 978-1492837725
  • Ebook and Paperback

Spencer Moretti knows what she wants career-wise—a spot on one of the big radio networks with her own interview show, and she’s determined to get it. She has a knack for getting musicians to relax and blurt out things that make their agents clutch their heads whenever she interviews bands on the top rated radio station in New Orleans. When she’s thrown—literally—into close proximity to Geoff Lane, she hears him utter a closely guarded secret that can shoot her right up to a network contract. If she can get him to let her interview him about it, that is.

The former lead guitarist for Axis certainly didn’t intend to reveal anything about his top secret project, but the fact that he’s leaking his plans to a successful radio announcer flies right out of his head. Maybe it’s because she’s so young and cute and feisty sitting there across from him. That Cheshire Cat smile on her lips kinda makes him want to tell her anything she wants to hear. Against the advice of his manager, Geoff agrees to let Spencer interview him.

Once they’re alone, though, things go sideways, and Spencer leaves without her interview and with her illusions shattered about a man she’d always admired.

Even though they ended on a bad note, Geoff can’t get Spencer out of his mind, and returns to New Orleans to try to make things right. But someone doesn’t want him anywhere near her, and they’re going to great lengths to scare Geoff off. When it becomes clear Spencer’s being stalked by a madman, can Geoff protect her, or will the killer silence her forever?

A 2014 RONE Award Nominee
Top Ten All Romance Bestseller

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING:  “Part love story, part murder mystery, and wholly a tribute to the fading glory days of FM Rock radio. Intrigue, tension, smokin’ hot love scenes and fascinating characters!” – Elizabeth Corva, author of the Angel Interceptors series

Available in Ebook and/or Paperback:  Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Kobo |


Sister Golden Hair

  • Publisher: Carey On Publishing LLC
  • ISBN-10: 1310795350
  • ISBN-13: 978-1310795350
  • Ebook and paperback

Recently widowed and newly jobless, 42-year-old Rhett (yeah, she knows that’s a man’s name) Davis has a major life decision to make. She can either stay in the little Texas town where she was never really accepted, driving the same old beat-up Dodge and sliding toward genteel decrepitude, or she can buy a Jag, get some highlights, ditch the frumpy clothes, and strike out for the big smoke of Dallas. Hey, she never liked that Dodge, anyway.

The one thing she’s not looking for in the Big D is romance, but when her upstairs neighbor turns out to be the delectable and very single Rhys James, frontman for the band Illicit, Rhett decides that she just might give this love thing a shot…assuming she remembers how to go about it, that is. It doesn’t take her long to figure out that Rhys is anything but a predictable, paint-by-numbers sorta guy. Music is his mistress, and she’s not good at sharing. Throw in a scheming ex-wife and a demanding daughter, and Rhett’s quest for her old crush’s heart just got a hell of a lot harder.

But Texas women don’t scare easy. And Rhett will be damned if she lets this English Rock star go without a fight.

2015 RONE Award Nominee

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING:  “5 Phenomenal +++ Stars!!! I would give it 10+ Stars if I could! This book rocked my world.” – Red’s Hot Reads

Available in Ebook and/or Paperback: AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | iTUNESSMASHWORDS


Heart of Gold

  • Publisher: Carey On Publishing LLC
  • ISBN-10: 1311377845
  • ISBN-13: 978-1311377845
  • Ebook available for pre-order from selected retailers, with more coming soon

The long-awaited sequel to Sister Golden Hair, coming October 24, 2017!

Restoring the beautiful old 1890s Texas farmhouse Rhys bought for them to live in keeps Rhett Davis occupied, but not too busy to worry her head off about him. After some idiot tried to kill Rhys he went right back out on tour with his band Illicit, putting himself in harm’s way again. Rhett is determined not to let him know how frightened she is for him, and takes steps to assure his safety when he returns home. He may not like her solution, but she’s not asking his permission.

When Illicit decides to take a long break between albums and tours, Rhys James eagerly anticipates spending quality time with Rhett in their new home. But his surprise announcement of all that extra time together falls flat when he finds out Rhett has commitments elsewhere. At loose ends, he heads out to L.A. at the invitation of a former producer and lands himself in one of the biggest messes of his life.

When past trust issues rear their ugly heads, Rhett and Rhys will have to find a way to resolve them. Or maybe their ideas of what constitutes the perfect life differ too much for love to overcome.

No one ever said loving a rock star was easy. But Rhett never imagined it would be this hard. Can they get past these obstacles, or is this the end for Rhys and Rhett?

E-book available for pre-order: iTunes | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords



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Heart of Gold by Juli Page Morgan