Opinions Vary – And That’s A Good Thing!

The Grammy Awards were televised this past weekend. I didn’t watch them. I never watch the Grammys, and this floors most people who know me. “But you love music,” they’ll say, all bewildered. “How can you not watch the Grammys?” I tell them it’s easy – for the most part I don’t like the music the Grammys celebrate. I. Am. A. Dinosaur. I like what I like, and that’s what I listen to. Anything new has to be right up my alley or it just flies by without registering a blip on my radar. About the only way I hear any music that’s popular today is if it’s background in a television commercial or if my daughters bring it to my attention in some way. Nine times out of ten I’m not going to care for it. Music is a subjective thing, and everyone has their own opinion about what’s “good” and what’s “bad.” I mean, check out these two consecutive posts from two of my friends that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed during the Grammy telecast the other night:

Juli Page Morgan, author of Romances that Rock

These posts popped up almost simultaneously and had me laughing out loud. It illustrates beautifully that it takes all kinds to make the world interesting. I love both these friends, and the fact that they like different things than me (and than each other, too!) is part of the reason why.

Differences of opinion can educate you, too, if you’ll sit back and listen. I posted the photo above to my FB page, and it generated a lively conversation! Before it was over I’d learned about some of the acts who appeared on the show that night, complete with videos of some of their current songs. Did it change my mind about them? I have to admit it didn’t, but hey! At least I know what people are talking about now. While I embrace being a dinosaur, it does come in unhandy sometimes when talking with people who aren’t fossils. Now I can actually understand just what in the heck they’re talking about when they mention current music.

Embrace what you love, even if your friends don’t like it. You never know – you might just introduce them to something new. 🙂

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