Sounds Of The Season, Part 4 – Christmas Cards

Today’s Sound of the Season is the satisfying ri-i-i-i-i-p of opening Christmas cards!


I love getting Christmas cards in the mail. It gives me such a warm glow to see those envelopes in the box and know that someone was thinking of us, and that they took the time to send us a bit of holiday cheer. All through the season, we can look at those cards on display and be reminded of those who sent them to us. I’ve noticed a bit of griping lately about photo cards, but I love photo cards! How can someone not love getting pictures of friends and family?

I don’t, however, love e-cards. Yes, it’s nice to know someone took a moment to click “send,” but they’re not the same as actual, physical cards. You open the file, look at ’em, and then delete them. I’ve heard the arguments in favor of electronic cards, the main one being that it’s much more “green” than sending paper cards that just get thrown away. Guess what? You don’t have to throw Christmas cards in the trash. I save the prettiest ones we receive each year and put them in picture frames when Christmas rolls around again. Instant decorations, and ones with wonderful memories attached! Cards can be recycled, or they can be sent to St. Jude’s Ranch where they’re used to create new cards. These new, recycled cards are then sold to support their programs and services for abused, neglected and homeless children, young adults and families. (In fact, they take any greeting cards – birthday, thank you, any and all holidays.) Just click on the link to find out where to send yours.

While I’m not a fan of e-cards, I came across something this week that I like even less: video Christmas cards. There’s one that’s gone viral, and a couple of my Facebook friends posted the link to it. While everyone seems to think this is the best thing since sliced bread, I didn’t.

Not only was it annoying and cheesy, I quickly realized that it wasn’t a Christmas card, it was a video form of the Dreaded Holiday Newsletter.


These things were prevalent about twenty years ago, and all seemed to follow along the same lines:

What a busy year we’ve had! We were so thrilled when Muffy and Buffy received the highest L-SAT scores ever recorded in the world, but did they have to arrive right when we were in the midst of leaving for our month-long vacation in Paris? Ha ha!

Paris was a joy, of course, even though our French is a little rusty. That’s what comes of being fluent in Italian, Portuguese, German and Mandarin as well as French – something has to get pushed to the back burner sometimes! Ha ha!

Well, you get the drift. They got so ridiculous that they became a big joke. I’d thought they had been laughed out of existence, but like everything else they’re making a comeback. And now someone’s taken it to video.

It was the same old nauseating Holiday Newsletter stuff: The kids won medals, were their teacher’s favorite students, the parents were in a movie, blah blah blah. To make it even worse, they announced at the end that they’re starting their own business and added the URL of their website, urging everyone to click on over.


So cut out a couple of lattes for a week, go buy a book of stamps, and send some cards. Your family and friends will love it, you’ll help the United States Postal Service, and you’ll be doing a good thing for St. Jude’s Ranch.

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