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Are you finding it hard to get in the mood? The holiday mood, that is. If you’re anything like me, the holiday season can get to you, and not in a good way. What with the baking, the gift buying … Zofran 4 mg

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Recently Elizabeth Corva and I met up for a Writer’s Retreat. It wasn’t one of those big, fancy things you sometimes read about, but rather just the two of us sequestering ourselves in a nice cabin in the woods and … One day delivery proventil

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It’s the week to share! At least, my author friends are making it so. 🙂 I’ve been tagged in two different opportunities to share snippets of my WIP (work in progress), so share I shall. ROLLING A SEVEN AND A … How long does viagra last

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Why, yes. Yes, they do. And like everything else they do, their vacations are larger than life. Elizabeth Corva’s upcoming novella, Heaven In You, will follow Strange Angels frontman Jonathan Fox from her Angel Interceptors series down to Mexico, and … Zovirax ointment

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Judging from the hits my Hot Long-Haired Men post has received (and continues to receive!), we all have excellent taste in men around here. So Elizabeth Corva and I have set out to feed your addiction to gorgeous LHG (Long … Zithromax 500mg

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I’m so excited to unveil the hot new cover for Song Without Words! Ta-da!   The cover was done by the incredible Steven Novak, and I just frikkin’ love it! Elizabeth Corva “grew” Geoff’s hair a little longer for the … What is cialis

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It will come as no surprise to anyone who has read any of my books that I love long-haired men. Love. Them. I tried to remember if I ever dated a man with short hair and realized I never did. … Zanaflex side effects

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(Keep reading – you can win a copy of one of these totally smokin’ hot books! More on that later.) The first time I ever heard of Elizabeth Corva was before she had even published her first book. She posted … Brand zanaflex for sale

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In between celebrating the release of Song Without Words and working on Sister Golden Hair, I’ve been dealing with my body’s attempt to get sick. A quick glance at the status updates on Facebook shows there’s a virus attacking pretty … Paxil prescription

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