5 Things That Caught My Attention This Week

In between celebrating the release of Song Without Words and working on Sister Golden Hair, I’ve been dealing with my body’s attempt to get sick. A quick glance at the status updates on Facebook shows there’s a virus attacking pretty much everyone, and it’s made its way to my house. Instead of just settling on me and getting it over with, though, it’s decided to circle overhead like a rabid bat, occasionally swooping down to bite. This results in one day each week of a low-grade fever and horrible coughing. The rest of the time I feel almost good, but not quite. You know? I’m to the point of wishing I’d really get sick so my body could build up a resistance and this thing could move on. But since I’ve been feeling blah all the time lately, I’ve had ample time to click on a lot of the links my friends share with me, and here are 5 Things That Caught My Attention This Week.

The first was a humorous look at The 16 Worst Kind of Selfies from Witty + Pretty. From the Seatbelt Selfie to the Duckface Selfie, this nails ’em all with a funny, tongue-in-cheek commentary. It’ll make you think twice before holding up that mobile phone to the bathroom mirror!

Next up on my radar was Author Success – Sowing and Reaping by Kristen Lamb. This is a must read for writers, especially if you’re in one of those am I wasting my time with this? funks. It’ll give you hope, so give it a read.

Something that gave me Muppet hand-flapping excitement was the cover reveal for Give In To The Night by Elizabeth Corva! One of the best things about being an author is being in a critique group with other authors and getting to read their books before anyone else, and I’m loving this follow up to Elizabeth’s A Million Miles Away (which, by the way, is only a buck ninety-nine right now, and worth every penny!)

Also catching my attention this week was 10 Signs You Might Be From Arkansas by Kerri Jackson Case. Since I am, after all, from The Natural State, these had me rolling in the floor and nodding my head in recognition. Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a laugh at yourself, and this was one of those times.

The fifth thing that made me sit up and pay attention was Arkansas Tornado Bingo.

















Just for the record, Weiner and Blue Ball are actual names of towns. We also have Fifty-Six, Possum Grape and Goobertown on the map. This bingo game is fantastic, and should help while away the time spent in the basement or “an interior hallway” while the tornado sirens wail outside during those spring and summer storms.

These 5 Things That Caught My Attention This Week helped me feel a bit better, even with the Bat of Mass Viral Destruction over my head. If I don’t get completely well by next week, I’ll break down and go to the doctor. Until then, there’s always the internet to keep me entertained!

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