A Cluttered Desk Is A Sign That You’re In My House

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to organization. Onto this board I pin links to sites that show me how to organize my freezer, my closet, my bookshelves and my important papers. But in reality, this board is probably the most organized thing in my life. (And by the way, I’d love it if you want to join me on Pinterest!) It seems I can only be organized if it’s a virtual organization. In real life? Not so much.


This is not my office. Believe me. My office would only look like that if I was trying to sell the house.

It’s not that I want to be unorganized. Quite often I turn to my husband and say something like, “I really need to do something with the pantry/linen closet/medicine cabinet/house.” Sometimes I even start to “do something,” but then I’ll get distracted by a phone call, or a new story idea, or looking for a You Tube video of a song I remember from when I was in Junior High School. And before I know it, it’s night and I’ve got a bunch of DVDs or serving dishes or shoes spread out all over the place where I abandoned them in the midst of trying to organize them. So I end up just kind of shoving them back into whatever cabinet or closet I pulled them from and shutting the door.


These are also not my bookshelves. Mine are usually half empty because a large number of my books are piled on the table next to my chair or on the nightstand, and NOT in the bookshelves.

Last week I told my husband I really needed to do something with our pictures. I started trying to organize them a couple of years ago, and started by buying three of those clear plastic totes with the handles that snap up to hold the lid on tightly. This was a step up from the 391 shoeboxes and plastic bags in which the pictures used to reside. And that’s as far as I got with them. Last week I was looking for photos of my sister-in-law to display at her funeral, and I could only find six. Plus, it took me twelve hours to come up with those. That’s because I could only find one of the three totes that house our pictures. I later found the other two totes (they were under my bed), but by then it was too late. And we won’t even go into the total and absolute mess my digital photos are in. I can never find anything in those folders I created in an attempt to organize those!

The thing is, I’m not totally and completely lost in other areas. Take grocery shopping, for example. I rock that in the organization department. Every Thursday I make the menu for the coming week. Then I get out my recipe book and make the grocery list, adding in any incidentals we may need. (This list, by the way, has all the items in the order they’re placed in the store. I can be a little scary sometimes.) After I print out the list, I clip the coupons I’ll need and place them in my purse with my grocery list. Ta-da! It’s done and ready for my Friday shopping trip. So why can’t I get the rest of my stuff together like that?


Nope, not my closet, either.

Maybe more lists are what I need. Maybe if I sat down and wrote a list of how I want things organized in the pantry, or in the photo boxes, or in that cabinet over the microwave where my saucepans stealthily creep toward the front so they can all fall on my head when I open the cabinet door – maybe if I had a list I’d actually get some organization accomplished.

Or maybe I’d just end up with lists full of things I think I need to get organized. Things that are in those pretty pictures on my Pinterest board. Things like closet organizers, and turquoise leather photo boxes, and tiered shelves for my canned goods. Things that are going to cost money and that I probably can’t find easily in my small town, which means I’ll have to get on the internet to see if I can order them online, and I’ll just end up watching You Tube videos of songs I liked when I was in seventh grade.

What I really need are minions, but until I get those I guess I’ll just have to stay unorganized. I can live with it.


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