A is for Apprehensive


When I signed up for the A to Z April blogging challenge, I had all these ideas on what to write each day of the month.  Of course, now it’s April, and I’ve forgotten pretty much all of them.  This happens to writers a lot.  At least I’m in stellar company.  But what in the world am I going to write about every day this month?

Apprehension is also something that afflicts writers quite often.  We’re apprehensive that we won’t be able to finish that work in progress.  We’re apprehensive that everything we’ve written on said work sucks like an Electrolux.  We’re apprehensive that no one will want to represent or publish that book.  We’re apprehensive that  no one will read it or like it once it’s published.  And then we’re apprehensive that we won’t be able to come up with enough books to fulfill our contract.

But you know what? It’s not just writers that sometimes get crippled by apprehension.  Everyone thinks at one time or another that they’re not doing a good job, whether it’s for an employer, as a parent, a spouse or lover, or living up to goals we’ve set for ourselves.  It’s totally normal.  But here’s the thing – you can’t let apprehension stop you.  Successful people just push on, no matter how many doubts they may have.  Usually, you’re not doing nearly as bad as you think.

So I’ll push on through this month’s challenge because I know I can do it.


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