Almost Live

Things are getting exciting on the Song Without Words front. I’m in the last round of revisions, and the cover is being created as we speak! Hopefully, it’ll go live next week, and I can’t wait.

Juli Page Morgan, author of Romances that Rock

Almost time to go live!
Photo by Chelle Morgan, All Rights Reserved

Meanwhile, here’s the official blurb, or description, of Song Without Words:

As one of New Orleans’ top-rated radio announcers, Spencer Moretti has honed her skill at interviewing rock bands and musicians, and is primed to turn that talent into a world-wide syndicated program. All she needs is one big break, and she finds it when a chance meeting with legendary guitarist Geoff Lane leads to the scoop of her career.

Former guitarist of the band Axis, Geoff is coming off a successful solo tour, but he’s got a secret project in the works. When Spencer Moretti accidentally finds out about it, she ropes Geoff into an exclusive interview to reveal details of his hush-hush collaboration. Intrigued by the feisty disc jockey and her spitfire temper, Geoff is interested in more than just an interview, and pursues Spencer with single-minded purpose.

But when people close to both Geoff and Spencer end up murdered, it’s clear someone doesn’t want them together. Can they evade the killer intent on keeping them apart, or will their love song end before it begins?

I’ll be sure to let you know when and where you can buy Song Without Words!

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