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Changes, Big & Small

Juli Page Morgan

Boo! Hope I didn’t scare you just popping up out of the world wide web like that. 😉 It’s been a while since we’ve visited, you and I, and I wanted to play catch up and let you know about some changes that have happened, and changes that will be happening in the next couple of months, the biggest one having to do with this blog. Let’s get started.  Continue reading

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Why I’m Not a Fan of Podcasts

Why I'm Not a Fan of Podcasts: Juli Page Morgan

Podcasts; I’m not a fan. Wait, let me clarify: Podcasts for authors: I’m not a fan. They’re the hot, new THANG, and it seems like everyone is jumping on the podcast bandwagon. Twitter and Facebook feeds are now overrun with writing gurus trumpeting “LISTEN TO MY PODCAST!” And if they think that’s any different than an author constantly trumpeting “BUY MY BOOK!” then they’re delusional. Both posts are annoying as hell. I’m not a fan of podcasts aimed toward authors, no matter what information they may impart, and here’s why: Continue reading

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No Problem, Mon! Jamaica Vacay & Some Travel Tips

“No problem, mon!” That may not be the national motto of Jamaica, but you hear it a lot while you’re there. My husband and I just returned from our vacation to that beautiful island, and I miss living on island time and the idea that, no matter what happens, it’s “no problem.” Continue reading

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The Only Thing I MUST Do

Ol’ Blue Eyes. Swoonatra. Chairman of the Board. The Sultan of Swoon. Frank Sinatra had a lot of nicknames throughout his life and storied career, but the thing that sticks with me is his rendition of the Paul Anka-penned song “My Way.” (I like Elvis Presley’s version better, but that ‘s neither here nor there.) I don’t intend to make the song my motto or anything, but I’ve decided to ditch some a lot of the “rules” and do it my way.

Thanks, Frankie.

One thing I won’t quibble with (and yes, that’s grammatically incorrect, but I’m doing this my way) is that those of us who write for a living must keep learning how to make our Continue reading

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Must Have ALL The Bling!

I’ve heard that our cells completely change every seven years, so I guess this is why I suddenly must have ALL the bling! Any new cell I’ve acquired is mad for the shiny things. Mirrors, crystal, silver, furry things, velvet, chandeliers. And purple. Oh, the purple!

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The One Button That Will Change Your Life For The Better

I have found it, the one button online that will change your life for the better with one click! Seriously, DO try this at home. I did, and I’m telling ya, it works. Continue reading

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Weighty Matters and Personal Joy

Where do we find our personal joy? This question was brought to the forefront of my mind today, and so I’m discussing some weighty matters about it here.

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I’ve Become “That” Woman

Holy cats, y’all, I realized yesterday that despite my best efforts I have become “that” woman. And by “that” I mean someone that yells at the television. I know, right? I mean, they don’t listen to me anyway, so why waste time yelling? (I’d just like to point out that numerous sports teams would have won games if they’d just listened to me when I yelled at them through the television, but nooo. They just kept running three downs and punting.) Continue reading

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I’m Making a List…Of Food

Before I tell you about my list, I want to let you know that I’ll be hosting some fantastic giveaways beginning in January! For six months I’ll have some wonderful gift baskets, gift cards, and other cool things I’ve picked up and saved to give out, and there will be three winners each month. These giveaways are only for subscribers to my newsletter, so if you want to be in the running to win some sweet items sign up for the newsletter at this link: You’ll get a free e-copy of Sister Golden Hair when you sign up, so the freebies start right then!

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