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Juli Page Morgan

Boo! Hope I didn’t scare you just popping up out of the world wide web like that. 😉 It’s been a while since we’ve visited, you and I, and I wanted to play catch up and let you know about some changes that have happened, and changes that will be happening in the next couple of months, the biggest one having to do with this blog. Let’s get started. 

The first change was a biggie. Since October I’ve looked a lot like Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies, and I sound pretty much like Sylvester the Cat when I speak. That’s because I had all my teeth pulled. Yep, every last one of them. I’ve always had weak, brittle teeth, ever since I was a little kid. I know my parents hoped that once my baby teeth fell out the permanent ones would be better. But no such luck. Y’all, I’ve had more fillings and root canals and painful procedures than I can enumerate, but my teeth just kept getting worse. Over the past decade they began breaking and cracking, even when I ate something as soft as cheese. Needless to say, I was left with a very unhealthy, unattractive mouth.

Juli Page Morgan

So I decided to get dental implants. Due to an extremely overactive gag reflex I was not a candidate for dentures, or I probably would have gone that route. But my dentist quickly realized that I could not have anything pressing against the roof of my mouth without…let’s just say I wouldn’t have been able to keep anything down, okay? So implants were my only recourse. I’ll be paying for them for the rest of my life, but I won’t ever have to pay for fillings, or root canals, or relinings, or any of that nonsense. Once they’re in there I’ll be set. Most people who get implants wear dentures during the four month period in which they wait for the bone to grow around the titanium screws in their jaws. Huh. That let me out. So I’ve been toothless since before Halloween.

I’m due to get my implants installed sometime late this month, and I am more than ready for them!

Another change I made was back in May when I decided to begin eating keto. No, I won’t blather on about it other than to say I lost 60 pounds in 4 months, my acid reflux went bye-bye, and the chronic pain condition I lived with for so long completely disappeared. Best thing I ever did for myself, and my doctor was not only pleased with my weight loss but cheered my blood work, too. Win-win!

Of course, my healthy eating has been big time derailed by not having teeth. Y’all, there are only so many eggs one person can eat without losing his or her mind. So I’ve had to resort to eating non-keto foods during these four months, and I’ve packed on 20 pounds, and all my previously-gone health issues have flared up again. But after I celebrate having teeth again by eating a U-Haul trailer full of Taco Bell double decker tacos and Steak ‘N Shake Western BBQ cheeseburgers I’ll get back on keto and get my body right again.

Since I’ve pretty much refused to leave my house looking like Granny Clampett, I’ve been hunkered down here in the house this winter with my coffee. And my writing. I have three or four books in the works right now, and one of them has caught fire to where I’m moving along with it at a good clip. Hopefully I’ll have it out for you within the next few months. Of course, I’ve had to postpone my audio books (although my niece Lisa did advance the opinion that romance novels narrated by Sylvester the Cat would totally be a niche market! 😀 ) I’m eager to get back on track with those, too.

Juli Page Morgan

And now to this blog. I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed I just don’t read blogs anymore. On top of that, I’ve (obviously) had no desire to update mine. That’s bothered me a great deal, because I liked connecting with you here. But making the time to plan and write blog posts isn’t something that fits into my schedule. So I got to thinking; since I don’t read blogs anymore, what am I doing? Well, I’m watching/listening to YouTube. I get caught up with my favorite YouTubers when I’m having my morning coffee, or when I’m cooking supper for my husband, or when I’m enjoying a nice hot bath. So, why not connect with you by vlogging on my YouTube channel? And that’s what I’m going to do.

Right now my channel is a collection of book trailer/videos that I posted there just so I could upload them to my books’ Amazon pages. But once I get my dental implants I’ll begin vlogging there. It’ll be a lot like the blog posts I’ve made here, but I can speak directly to you, and we can chat in the comments. I’ll also read some excerpts from the books I’m writing, and bounce some ideas around for future books. Plus, I’ll take you along to the Dominican Republic when I go on vacation in May. I’ll post here when I have a new video up, or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you click the little bell icon when you subscribe you’ll get exactly one email notification when I post a new video, just so you don’t miss it.

I’m excited about the new direction I’m taking, and I hope you’ll join me. We’ll have so much fun! In the meantime, come join me on Instagram. It’s where I hang out the most since Facebook has completely and totally squelched the reach of all Pages. Seriously, I could post five times a day there and only five or so subscribers would ever be shown the posts. Instagram is more fun anyway, and I’d love to have you follow me there. I’ll start updating my stories there daily once my teeth are in.

As soon as I post my first vlog on my YouTube channel I’ll let you know. And I’ll see you around the airwaves!

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