How Do I Connect With You? Trying to Close the Author/Reader Divide.

Other than this website, my main online hangouts are Instagram and Facebook. Those are the places I connect with readers. I have accounts on Twitter and Google+ even though I don’t use them since I don’t like those platforms. I even have a Snapchat. I think I’ve sent one in the past two years. So, it’s Instagram and Facebook. Thing is, Instagram isn’t really a conversational platform, and Facebook severely restricts access to my page followers. No, really. Out of almost 800 followers of Juli Page Morgan on Facebook, only about 120 of them ever see my daily posts there. So, how do I connect with you? How do I close that author/reader divide and get to know you all?

Big BrotherBook

Juli Page Morgan on Facebook

Facebook also refuses to show all posts from personal profiles to people on your friends list, but not as badly (yet) as they refuse to show Page posts to a Pages followers. So, this weekend I decided to accept some of the friend requests in my profile queue. I debated this move since my profile, even though it’s public, is really for those with whom I truly have some sort of relationship, be it online or in real life. I’ve only accepted requests from others a time or two, and it was fine. In fact, one person, a reader named Susan, has become someone I like immensely, and I do consider her a friend now. But I’ve tried to keep my author life contained to my Page since that’s where I would post excerpts, etc. if I did any talking about my books. So many followers weren’t seeing my posts (and I put a lot of thought into those), so I took a deep breath and turned to my profile.

I started small by accepting only two requests. I wasn’t able to see either of these people’s profiles since they weren’t public, but we had multiple friends in common, so I clicked “accept.”

The Saga of Kelly and Stephen

Kelly and I had quite a few friends in common, including some of my cousins, so I was quite taken aback when I was finally able to access her profile posts. I make no secret of the fact that I’m conservative, even though I don’t claim affiliation with either of the two major political parties. But Kelly went way beyond what even I’m comfortable with. Her posts, both written and shared content, were scary. I unfollowed her without unfriending because I wanted to give her at least a chance. After all, she was friends with some of my cousins, right? Turns out Kelly wanted to be friends with all of my cousins. And all of my friends. After I accepted her request on Saturday night, she turned around and trolled my friends list and sent every single one of them a friend request. Honestly, I’d thought I made my friends list invisible, but apparently not. (It is now, though!)

I started getting messages asking who this person was and if I’d seen some of her posts. After about ten of these, I unfriended and blocked Kelly. I also wrote a post where I said sending out mass friend requests to a new acquaintance’s entire friend list is creepy, a huge breach of social media etiquette, and a total douche move. I also apologized to my friends for my part in Kelly’s trolling their accounts. So, bye-bye, Kelly. Then came Sunday and my first contact with Stephen.

I accepted Stephen’s friend request because his profile indicated he’s an author, and he and I had several author friends in common. His profile, once I was able to see it, was a normal, everyday profile. No biggie. Until Sunday afternoon. Ol’ Stephen replied to my post chastising the behavior Kelly exhibited in sending those friend requests. He berated me for this and concluded with a P.S. (yes, a P.S. in a Facebook post, can you believe this shmendrik?) that read, “Oh, and YOU are the Queen of Douches.” He even included a meme. Hey, at least he acknowledged my royalty (even though he got who I’m Queen of incorrect) and put enough thought and time into it to look up and save a meme. None of that saved Stephen the author, who has published exactly zero anything, from getting unfriended and blocked.

Won’t Get Fooled Again

A couple of recent posts from my Facebook Page:
Juli Page Morgan on Facebook

So, using my Facebook profile to connect with you, my readers, is right out. I’m back to this website, my Facebook Page, and my Instagram account (unless you’re Kelly or Stephen, because I blocked them from Instagram, too, just to be proactive. There are enough trolls walking the streets; I don’t need ’em online, too, you know?) I do wish there was a more user-friendly way to connect, but if there is I haven’t found it. I’ve heard that the more people interact with a Facebook Page means they see new posts in their newsfeed more often. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I know I do tend to see posts from Pages whose posts I comment on regularly. So if you’ve liked my Page and don’t see my posts (there’s usually one a day Monday through Friday, and two if I feel especially chatty) then try leaving a comment. Doesn’t have to be long or anything. I promise I’ll respond. Might take a couple of hours, but I will respond to you. 🙂 And I’ll like any comment you leave on my Instagram posts. (Here’s a pic of my Instagram page for you:)

Juli Page Morgan on Instagram

Let’s give that a shot and see what transpires.

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