Crimson and Clover Makes The Big Time on Bluebird Reviews!

My love of music and the people who make it was the reason I wrote Crimson and Clover. It was my labor of love to and for them, and I guess it will always be the book of my heart. This week it all came full circle when the book received a featured review on Bluebird Reviews, a well-respected international music review site. I’m still hyperventilating with excitement!

CC 3D Award

While Bluebird Reviews has featured other books on its site, Crimson and Clover is the first work of fiction they’ve reviewed, and I could not be more humbled and grateful. I broke a lot of romance novel rules when I wrote the book because I wanted it to be real. The characters do things and act the way the real rock musicians I’ve known did and acted. The situations in which they find themselves are sometimes contrary to those you’ll find mainstream romance novel characters in, but they’re things that really happened. Sure, I could have Jay bring Katie along on tour, or remain faithful only to her while on the road, or have the rest of the members of Shadowed Knight treasure Katie as a precious jewel, or have Katie and Jay accept with a united front any and all adversities that came their way because they were in love, but that wouldn’t have been honest to either the characters or to real rock musicians. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Crimson Romance for allowing the book to stand as written and not insist I change it to conform to a plain romance novel formula.

Having Bluebird Reviews give the book its highest rating – 5 Bic Flames! – reassures me that I got it right with Crimson and Clover.

Thank you, Bluebird Reviews. I cannot thank you enough. 🙂

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