Crimson and Clover, the (very) condensed version

One day while reading Query Shark I saw a query that made me wish there was a “buy” button on the page.  That query was written by Josin L. McQuein for her book Premeditated which will be published in October 2013.  (But I want to read it NOW!  And just from the query!)  Since that time I’ve been following Josin’s blog, and she recently did what I thought was one of the smartest things an author can do.

She created a Wordle from one of her manuscripts.

I’ve seen Wordles all over the place, but I never thought to make one from my manuscript, but what a great idea!  If you’re a writer and worried that you’re using certain words way too often, this is the perfect way to find out.

So yeah, I made one for Crimson and Clover:

Wordle: Crimson and Clover
Yes, I know it’s tiny, but if you click on it you can see it in all its glory and get a little taste of what’s coming your way in February!
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