Elizabeth Corva Rocks Romance! (And A Giveaway!)


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The first time I ever heard of Elizabeth Corva was before she had even published her first book. She posted a review of my book Crimson and Clover on Goodreads, a review that thrilled me to the top of my pointed little head because, A) it had GIFs (I seriously love reviews with GIFs!) and B) she totally understood the realism of the Rock world. Not long after that she left a message on my Facebook page. I responded, and we began an online friendship. In one of her messages Elizabeth mentioned she was planning to publish her own Rock Romance, and later, after she’d hit that “Publish Now” button, I bought that book – A Million Miles Away, the first book in the Angel Interceptors series.


Oh. My. God. I immediately became a raging Elizabeth Corva Fangirl. No, seriously. The minute I finished the book I contacted my critique group and told them they had to buy A Million Miles Away that very second, and I asked if I could invite Elizabeth to be part of our group. They agreed, she accepted, and now we’re all Sister Authors and planning our very own TLC series – except instead of having one guy lording it over us, we’ll have a bevy of hawt Rock stars running around doing our bidding and giving us story ideas. 😉 I dearly love Elizabeth, and I’m totally psyched to introduce her and the first two books in the Angel Interceptors series to you! (Plus, you can win a copy! Keep reading to find out how.)


corva author picElizabeth Corva is a headbanger cleverly disguised as an ordinary office drone. Before she fell down the rabbit hole into the corporate world, she held various jobs in the music industry. Most of them were gruntwork and none of them paid worth a hoot, but she got a treasure trove of good band stories out of it. She’ll tell you some of the juicier ones if you ply her with the right beverages.

The Angel Interceptor series was conceived as the sun was setting on Hair Metal, born during the early days of fictionpress, and came of age in 2013 when the author finally worked up the nerve to try self-publishing. All of Elizabeth’s works are dedicated to the men who play Metal and the women who love them, even though they should know better. She pinkie swears to stay far away from insta-love, cheating, and nausea-inducing baby drama. Catch up with her at her Website | Facebook | Goodreads.


Me: How did you come up with the title for your book(s)?

Elizabeth: Since my books are about musicians, I let my favorite song titles inspire me. A Million Miles Away is loosely based on a Michael Monroe (ex-Hanoi Rocks singer) solo song. Give in to the Night is a song by an obscure band called TKO. However, the next title in the Angel Interceptor series (Heaven in You) was an original idea. Came to me in the shower, where I do my best thinking.

Me: Lots of authors have superstitions about their writing, like they have to write at a certain time of day, or in a certain place. Do you have any superstitions about your writing, and if so, what are they?

Elizabeth: Nope, no superstitions at all. I’m a writing ho – I’ll write anywhere, anytime, anyplace! Always a pen to hand…even in the shower as mentioned above.

Me: Out of all your characters, which one is your favorite, and why?

Elizabeth: Christopher “Silver” Blackwell, because he was my first ever character. I dreamed him up in high school and he turned out to be way more complex than I ever imagined. He’s got everything I like in a guy–good sense of humor, warm (almost nurturing) personality, plays guitar like a mofo, that oh-so hot combo of black hair with blue eyes, and best of all, he relates well to women but is quite secure in his masculinity.

Me: I luh-huh-huh-huv Silver, too! Who are your auto-buy authors?

Elizabeth: Besides you? LOL! Diana Gabaldon, Lindsay Davis, Patricia Kenneally, Andrew Vachss, and Colleen McCulloch.

Me: What are you working on now?

Elizabeth: Two books simultaneously – Angel Interceptors 2.5, which is a novella, and AI #3, which is Jasmine and Jonathan’s final book. It’s HEA time for Wild One and Kit. Of course I’m putting them through hell to get there, but they’ll understand.


Summer or winter?  Summer.

Cake or pie? I’ll never say no to a big slice of key lime pie!

Drafting or revising? Ugh…drafting.

Cooking or take-away? To go, please!

Guitarist or lead singer? Guitarist. Dexterous fingers and no LSD (lead singer disease)!

Coffee or tea? Tea. Iced. No lemon, please. I’m southern.

Plotter or pantser? All my plotting attempts bite the dust in hours. So pantser and proud of it.

Stubble or clean-shaven? (I’m talking about men here, not your legs! :)) For kissin’…clean shaven. For lookin’…stubble.

Morning or night? Night. *hoot, hoot*

Patchouli or sandalwood? Neither…I like citrus or beachy scents.

This was fun! Thanks, Juli! It WAS fun!! Now let’s move on to more fun stuff – THE BOOKS!

AMMA coverA Million Miles Away (Angel Interceptor #1):

Amazon | B&N | Smashwords

Molded by tragedy and pushed into emotional independence from a young age, Jasmine Ashcroft thinks she has this whole adulthood thing all figured out. College? Bring it on. Career planning? No problem. Dating? Sure! Well…maybe. After she gets the rest of her life dialed in.

But an unexpected meeting with the musician who created the soundtrack to her life puts those beliefs to the test. Can Jasmine find a safe–and sane–place in his high-stakes, jet-setting world without nuking her future, her family ties, or her heart?


Like Silver, Jonathan was also clad in jeans with damp hair falling loose over his just-scrubbed chest. Even taller than he looked in photographs, his narrow-waisted, wide-shouldered frame seemed to fill the door frame. “Hiya. Didn’t realize I had an audience out here,” he told her. His expression wasn’t angry, but it wasn’t exactly one of pure delight either. Jasmine realized that he was giving her a chance to explain her presence.

“H-hi. I’m here with my…friend,” she told him. “She’s with Silver. Back there,” she added, pointing toward the closed door on the other side of the room.

“They left you on your own while they tryst? Very poor!”

Even though the singer spoke with a little laugh, Jasmine still felt a stab of anxiety. “I can wait for them outside if you want me to,” she offered, placing her hands behind her back like an errant schoolgirl called to the headmaster’s office.

“How could I kick out a fellow Waterboys fan?” The frontman walked over and held out his hand. “Jonathan Fox.”

Oh yeah, I know. “Jasmine Ashbrook,” she replied, trying to stop the trembling in her extremities as he enclosed her hand in a firm grasp. She greedily inhaled the smell of his shampoo and the hint of another warm fragrance, like a cross between cinnamon and ozone. Was it aftershave? Soap? Or just him?

Jonathan gave a disbelieving laugh. “You’re not having me on, right? Your name’s really Jasmine?”

“No joke, that’s my name.” She thought about producing her driver’s license as evidence, but decided against it because the picture sucked. “Smile!” the DMV employee behind the camera had growled so fiercely that Jasmine was terrified into doing the opposite.

After he retrieved a green-bottled beer from the cooler, Jonathan leaned against the makeup counter. His expression was still neutral, but his grey eyes were starting to warm. “Go on, take your kettle off the heat,” he offered with a nod at the plush armchair.

Jasmine sat down and leaned back, trying to affect a nonchalant attitude. “Thanks-whoa!” She nearly dropped her water as the backrest tilted toward the wall behind her while the lower part of the chair slid forward until she was almost flat on her back.

Jonathan laughed, but in a sympathetic way. “Don’t feel bad. I didn’t realize that was a stealth recliner when I first sat on it either. But unlike you, I spilled my drink.”

Embarrassing though the incident was, Jasmine realized that it had turned out to be the perfect icebreaker. With most of her anxiety gone, she gave Jonathan a tentative smile as she sat up. It was hard not to stare at him. His lightly muscled torso was tantalizingly smooth except for a narrow line of golden-brown hair that trailed down from his navel to disappear beneath the waist of his low-riding jeans. She ever-so-briefly let her gaze drop a couple of inches lower before catching herself. Whoa, Nelly. Stick to the view above the shoulders.


5 double necks

You know when you read a book that draws you in so completely that you forget the real world exists, and you live in that book and forget you’re reading fiction? And how, when you’ve finished the book, it stays with you for days after, and you keep thinking about the characters and wondering what happened to them after the last page? Yeah, that was me after reading A Million Miles Away.

I have a confession. Though I love rock star romances, my background sometimes gets in the way when I read them. Since I was privy to more than just seeing the bands in concert, it’s hard for me to suspend my disbelief when situations arise in those books that I know would never, ever, ever happen. It yanks me out of the story, and I have a Pfft moment and I have to walk away until I can get myself back into the proper mindset to enjoy the underlying story. Yes, I know it’s fiction, but I can’t help it. It’s like an auto mechanic reading about a guy who rebuilds an engine in ten minutes, or a deep sea diver who reads a book where divers shoot back up to the surface without decompressing first. People not in those professions might have a Hm moment and keep reading, but those in the know will snort out a “Yeah, right,” and put the book down for a while.

There was not a single Pfft or “Yeah, right” when I read A Million Miles Away. Elizabeth Corva got it right – all of it – and she crafted a story on top of it that kept me glued to my Kindle from start to finish. In fact, near the end of the book I was turning pages so fast because I had to know what happened that I think my poor Kindle might have started smoking a little.


Not only are the details spot on, the characters are real, relatable and immediate. I think everyone I know has, at one time, been just like Jasmine Ashcroft. And even if you’ve never met a rock musician, I’ll bet you know someone like Jonathan Fox or his band mate Silver. Elizabeth Corva brings them to vivid life, taking you outside their life on the road and delving deep beyond the public persona.

And the writing? Stellar! I’m left in total and absolute awe of Elizabeth’s talent, and cannot believe this is her debut book.

Plus, there’s a love story woven throughout that keeps you guessing. You get all the highs and experience every low of a burgeoning relationship, until …Well, I won’t spoil it, except to say we’re lucky that A Million Miles Away is the first book in the Angel Interceptors series, and that we now get to read the second!

GITTN coverGive in to the Night (Angel Interceptor #2):


It’s been three years since Jasmine Ashcroft got her innocent heart skewered by her teenage crush, singer Jonathan Fox. Since then, she’s had plenty of time to grow up. To get over him. To move on. Or so she thinks…

Jonathan Fox has been burned by love. Again. Now he’s ready to jumpstart his career and become the most Eligible Rock Star in Town. Which town? All of them. While he tours the world, he’ll also play the field. Or so he thinks…

Jasmine and Jonathan’s paths are about to cross in an unlikely place. For once, the timing is right: Jasmine wants someone to rock her lonely nights. Jonathan wants someone who can keep up with his wild life. But when regret and unrequited desires collide, the resulting firestorm of emotion might be too much for them to handle. Or so they think…


David Gray’s “Sail Away” began playing over the PA system. As her companions talked over the languid, throbbing music, Jasmine scanned the room. It was obvious that most of the people there were old friends. Suddenly, she wished she could be part of a scene like this. She was only 21 and already tired of being a vagabond.

So stay in Greensboro. Your roots there might be deeper than you think…

Her inner voice shut up when she spotted a familiar figure standing close to the stage. Jasmine’s breath grew shallow as her fingers curled into her palms in a fruitless attempt to keep from shaking. She didn’t need to see the man’s face to recognize him; his tall, lean frame, the heavy spill of straight, near-black hair over his wide shoulders, even the way he stood–it hadn’t been etched into her memory, it was carved there. Deep enough to last a lifetime.

It was Jonathan Fox; of that, she had no doubt. But what was he doing in North Carolina? Or more to the point, in this small club in a North Carolina college town at a friggin’ Country singer’s show?

Okay, Alt-Country, she corrected herself. Whatever. Still…this is beyond weird.

Her old crush was swaying with the slow rhythm of the music, making his dark hair swing. He reached out and draped his arm over the shoulders of a girl standing next to him, one who was so petite that Jasmine could barely see her face in the crowd. A jagged icicle of pain shot down through her heart and right into her gut, where it began to melt into a cold puddle. Of course he would be with someone.

Morbid curiosity gripped her, made her edge closer to the couple to get a better look. Jonathan’s companion looked familiar. It was going to drive her crazy until she figured out where she had seen her before. Hmm, not work, not college, not movies or magazines…That’s what was throwing her off; Jonathan always dated famous women, but the woman by his side didn’t give off that celebrity vibe. Not even a D-list one.

After racking her brain for a solid minute, the answer hit her: Backstage. Greensboro. Four years ago. It had been a night of firsts for Jasmine. First concert. First aftershow party. And the first time she met Jonathan. They were getting along great, too…until that other girl showed up. Instead of inviting Jasmine onto his tour bus like she hoped, he walked away with the newcomer instead. And didn’t even tell me goodbye.

Later on, Jasmine had learned that the other girl had been with Jonathan in the past, but that only made her even more resentful. What had started as the best night of her life ended on a low note thanks to the pretty brunette currently standing at Jonathan’s side. What was her name again? Jonathan had yelled it when he first saw her in Greensboro, but Jasmine had forgotten it on purpose. Crush-Stealing Bitch would do just fine.

Was she the reason he was in North Carolina?

MY REVIEW:5 double necks

If anything, Give in to the Night rocks even harder than its predecessor! Once again Elizabeth Corva tells it like it is and pulls no punches. Even with the history between Jonathan and Jasmine, there’s no insta-love (thank God!) and no ridiculous situations that would never happen. This book is as real and true as A Million Miles Away, and because it is, it’s one you can’t put down.

Fate laughs at Kit and Jas all through the first part of the book, and it’s a blast to watch it play out. Rising from the smoking ruins of his relationship with Rafaela, Jonathan vows to play the Rock Stud with a woman at every tour stop. Fate laughs. After seeing a news story about Jonathan on an entertainment network, Jasmine shrugs and declares she’s glad she’s over him. Fate laughs. And when they come face to face in the least likely place you could imagine, Fate clutches its sides and rolls around on the floor guffawing. It’s brilliant!


Elizabeth Corva has such a great understanding of the life a successful musician lives, and spells it all out. How do they put a spin on what could be devastating press? You’ll find out. Why don’t you see pictures of famous people with their non-famous dates? It’s in here. What does a musician feel when a new musical collaboration is met with a resounding “Meh” from the public? Read on, my friend; read on. And how will a grad student deal with the frequent absences and the hectic life her Rock star boyfriend leads? Oh, are you in for a hell of a ride!

And yes, Jasmine is all grown up now and the libidos are running hot in this one. 🙂 The author definitely rewards you for all the frustration in the first book. Believe me!

Give in to the Night has it all, from bitter exes to a rock ‘n roll surprise that had me screaming right along with Jasmine. It’s not only a must-read for fans of Rock romance, but a must-read for anyone who loves a well-crafted story with some of the most engaging characters I’ve ever run across. Grab your All Access pass and get reading now!



Here’s your chance to win a copy of A Million Miles Away or Give in to the Night! Just sign up below, and good luck! *fingers crossed for you*
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