Hot Long-Haired Men

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has read any of my books that I love long-haired men. Love. Them. I tried to remember if I ever dated a man with short hair and realized I never did. I married a man with long hair, and believe me, he’s never heard me utter the words “You need to get your hair cut.” Oh, he does go in for a trim when it starts flopping into his vision, but a trim is all it is. In fact, I made him change stylists when he came home one day with his hair too short. I love my husband, but I don’t want to see the back of his neck unless his hair is in a ponytail.

This also goes for the heroes in my books. All of them have long, gorgeous hair. Yes, Geoff Lane in Song Without Words did cut his hair short at one point in the book, but he was going through a slow freak-out at the time, so I forgave him. The fact that he immediately began letting his hair grow out again helped.


Oh Gabriel, darlin’, you’re my perfect Geoff Lane. If only you’d just let your hair get longer!

All my heroes are Rock stars, too, and I think it should be mandatory that Rock stars have long hair. Those guys with those short spiky cuts? To me they’re just Rock stars in training and can’t move up to Legendary status until they ditch the scissors.


Elizabeth Corva totally got that right!

One of the most pleasant parts of my job is looking at lots and lots of photos of beautiful long-haired men until I find one I know will end up as the hero in one of my books. I usually have a rudimentary idea of what my guy looks like, but until I find the right photo he’s never really clear. Jay Carey from Crimson and Clover was the exception. I knew from the beginning that he looked exactly like Jimmy Page.


Can we just take a moment to admire how freakin’ beautiful this man is? Look at that hair! (And thanks to Anne Marsden for putting together this lovely photo collage years and years ago.)

I kind of knew what Derek Marshall from Athena’s Daughter would look like, but it was cemented when I ran across this photo of Johnny Depp. One look was all it took and I knew I’d found my Derek.

Derek crazy

 Rhys James from the upcoming book Sister Golden Hair was a little harder. I looked at tons of photos before I found one that just yelled “This is Rhys!” And it was this picture of a Swedish model named Jack.


Photo by Luis Montero. Well done, Luis. Well. Done.

Once I’ve found my inspiration, though, I want to find as many pictures of the guy as I can. It helps to see them from every angle and with different expressions. I ran into a problem with Jack up there, because there aren’t a lot of different photos of him floating around. In fact, it took some major-duty sleuthing to even find out Jack’s name, and I have S.A. Hussey and Elizabeth Corva to thank for discovering it. They, too, are fans of hot long-haired men, and are willing to sacrifice time and effort in tracking them down. But even knowing who Jack was didn’t make it much easier to find photos of him. And to really nail down Rhys (no pun intended, but it’d be a good one!) and what he looked like, I needed to find more. We came up with a few, including these.


Photos by Luis Montero. Again, Luis, VERY nice job!

But since Jack’s pictures were few and far between, I had to improvise. I looked high and low – again, it’s my job, you know – for a someone who could stand in on occasion. And I found this guy.

No secret teaser

Photo of Douglas Hickmann by Gustavo Chams. Very excellent work, Gustavo!


UPDATE: Elizabeth Corva has discovered this I-Would-Die-For-You beautiful man is Douglas Hickmann, and y’all, he’s all but supplanted Jack up there as my inspiration for Rhys. Sorry, Jack, but Douglas has it going on. Man, does he ever!

Photo of Douglas Hickmann by Gustavo Chams. Again, Gustavo, this rocks my world!

And speaking of Rhys, I’ve got to get back to writing about him so his book can come your way this summer. Plus, I have to get a good idea of what the members of his band, Illicit, will look like. Photos of hot long-haired men, here I come!

Remember, all of my books are on sale for $1.99 each, but that’s only good through February, so get ’em while they’re half-price. 🙂

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