I’m Here To Feed Your Addiction. Trust Me.

Judging from the hits my Hot Long-Haired Men post has received (and continues to receive!), we all have excellent taste in men around here. So Elizabeth Corva and I have set out to feed your addiction to gorgeous LHG (Long Haired Guys) and to hook you up with books that have heroes with luscious hair. Because we care about you. And because this gives us even more of an excuse to waste time research LHG. Read on, my long hair loving sisters; read on.

Juli Page Morgan, Author of Romances that Rock

But first, let’s take a moment to admire this man.
He’s my inspiration for Parker McKay, a character in Sister Golden Hair.

Elizabeth had mentioned several times that there needed to be a way to connect readers who love LHG with books that feature these wonderful men. After all, we’re not the only ones who write about them, and we’re always on the hunt for books with heroes who have long hair. An innocent question posed on a Facebook page dedicated to LHG was met with … well, it was met with a fair amount of vitriol from the page admin who declared her hatred for authors (and books, too, I guess) and ended with the banning of authors from that page.

Well. Alrighty, then.

That’s when the wondrous idea was born – a Facebook page where readers could find long-haired heroes. And not only that, they could post pictures of their favorite LHGs and even suggest casting for their favorite book heroes. A community where we could all drool over admire and celebrate LHGs as well as books that feature them, and with no vitriol or crap. Welcome to Literary Longhairs, y’all!

Juli Page Morgan, Author of Romances that Rock

Meet David Garrett whose photo was shared by a member of the Literary Longhairs community

We’re just getting started, but there are already some yummy pics, links to books you’ll like, and casting suggestions for book boyfriends. Several authors of all genres are already there, waiting to meet and chat with you, and hear your thoughts on their LHG heroes. Come on by and join us! Feed your addiction to LHG and books. We’d love to see you at Literary Longhairs!

Oh, and if the drooling does get a little out of hand? We have bibs. 😉

Juli Page Morgan, Author of Romances that Rock



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