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Yesterday I introduced you to Jay Carey.  Today I’d like you to meet the love of his life, Katie Scott!

She’s a free-spirited flower child with the heart of June Cleaver.  Unfortunately, those two things don’t mix well.

“Okay, the thing is, I was pretty much the worst hippie ever. No, I mean it. When I got out there I did all the things I thought I was supposed to do, but I just couldn’t get into it.”

Maureen’s lips quivered with amusement. “Was there an agenda?”

“You know what I mean.” Katie waved aside Maureen’s question. “The whole sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll revolutionary thing. But I hated the drugs except for pot. I can’t stand feeling so out of control. And the revolutionary thing…” She heaved an annoyed sigh. “Apparently you can’t be a revolutionary if you come from money and aren’t ashamed of it.”

“Ashamed? Why were you supposed to be ashamed?”

“Beats me.” Katie smoothed the satin in her lap, careful to avoid the needle stuck through the hem. “Why should I be ashamed of the son of Scottish immigrants? A man who got an education—working the whole time, I might add—changed his name and built a successful business out of nothing? Ashamed? Pfft.”

“Sounds very up and up to me,” Maureen remarked. “Why’d your father change his name?”

“Just his last name,” Katie told her. “It used to be Urquhart.”

Maureen frowned. “What’s wrong with Urquhart?”

“Other than being hard to pronounce and impossible to spell, it also kind of sounds like a vomiting elephant. Anyway,” she continued over Maureen’s peals of laughter. “Besides the not liking drugs and do liking money, I was ridiculed for wanting a traditional family. The whole white picket fence scene. You know; the whole sitting down to dinner together every night, that kind of thing.” She bit her lip. “I never had it, so it’s kind of like a dream of mine. I don’t think that’s so bad.”

She has very simple tastes.

The combination of three of her favorite things—rock ’n roll, British accents and bacon—immobilized her for a moment and left her feeling like she’d stepped into Nirvana. The sight of one of the patrons lifting a cup to his lips broke her trance; if she could get a cup of coffee, it would be Nirvana.

She can be a little spitfire, too.

A large part of her anger, though, was directed at herself. She had never acted in such a way before, not even when she was a hormone-riddled fourteen-year-old with her first boyfriend. Of course, she’d never wanted anyone the way she wanted Jay Carey, but still wondered if behaving like a burgeoning doormat was normal.

She tried to figure out just what it was about him that affected her that way, but any logical thinking was always derailed by a tearing lust that left her quivering. Mixed with that urgent desire for his body was a yearning to just be near him, the way he said he wanted to be with her. Oh, yes; he’d said it, but he hadn’t been anywhere near her since.

With a growl of frustration she threw the paperback she held across the room, missing Maureen’s head by a narrow margin as she walked through the door unannounced.

And she’s mesmerized by Jay Carey!

Katie performed a type of ballet herself as she moved around the room trying to enjoy her housewarming party. No matter how many people she talked to, no matter how many times she danced, her gaze kept seeking out Jay Carey as though he was the only thing her eyes were permitted to gaze upon.

Actually, mesmerized doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Something within her broke open; she felt it as plainly as she felt the tiles against her bare skin, the drip of water from her hair, the hardness of Jay inside her. And when it broke, it was as if a molten river of warmth and peace flowed from it, spreading unbearable happiness into every fiber of her being. “Yes, Jay,” she told him, her hands tangling in his hair. “Yes to everything, anything you want. I love you.”

Luckily, she’s got good friends to see her through the rough patches.

Maureen’s sigh held a definite note of relief. “I’ve felt so horrible about it and kept thinking if I’d done things differently it wouldn’t have ended this way.”

“It was my decision,” Katie repeated. “You should know by now that I’m a stubborn bitch who has to learn the hard way.”

Maureen clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle. “That’s true, then. But there’s nothing you can do about the fact that I’m going to worry about you. Someone has to, after all.” She jumped up and gathered their plates and utensils. Katie smiled and joined her friend at the sink.

“Thank you.” Katie put her arm around Maureen’s shoulders. “It’s nice to have someone worrying about me.”

Maureen dropped the forks with a clatter and turned to take Katie in her arms. The two friends stood for some time holding each other, taking and giving comfort like they had so many times before. At length they separated, laughed a bit, and completed the chore of cleaning the kitchen before heading for bed.

Even if she gets mad at them sometimes.

Closing her eyes, Katie breathed in the fecund scent of the ocean, letting her lungs fill with smell of life. “What have you been up to?”

“Just finished my solo album. We recorded it at Ardent in Memphis.” Satisfaction was evident in his voice. “I do think it’ll do well. If nothing else, I had fun doing it.”

Katie felt a stab of irritation and opened her eyes to glance at him. “Well, bully for you, mate.”

“I was wrong, all right?” Adam’s gaze stayed fixed on the water. “I went about it all wrong and acted like a horse’s arse. Is that what you want to hear?”

“Not unless you mean it,” Katie huffed. “You’re not writing song lyrics here, you know.”

“Touché.” Adam raised his beer can but paused with it halfway to his lips. “I am sorry, though. Really.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not the one you need to apologize to.”

He took a drink and wiped his hand across his lips. “If I could find him, I would, okay?”

“Good luck with that,” Katie muttered.

“I think he’s back in England.”

“Bully for him, too, then.” Katie leaned back in the comfortable Adirondack chair and sighed. “Sorry for dumping on you.”

“It’s all right.” Adam grinned. “Let me have it. You never held back before, so go for it.”

But in the end, it’s Katie and Jay that matter most.

Katie turned her face into Jay’s neck, rubbing her cheek against his hair, inhaling that wonderful combination of smoke, cologne and Jay himself that made her dizzy. He’d been right; whatever it was between them was too special to give it up. The intensity of their connection flowed through her, and she felt the jagged hole in her heart begin to mend.

You can find out more about Katie here.  I hope you love her as much as I do!

All excerpts from Crimson and Clover Copyright 2013 Juli Page Morgan     All rights reserved Crimson Romance

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