Lucky Seven, Baby!

It’s the week to share! At least, my author friends are making it so. 🙂 I’ve been tagged in two different opportunities to share snippets of my WIP (work in progress), so share I shall.



S.A. Hussey tagged me in Five For Five, where I’m to list five things about my main character. You can find this on my Facebook page.

Liv Rancourt has tagged me in Lucky Seven to be shared here on my blog, so here we go! Sister Golden Hair is indeed going to hit the virtual bookshelves on Monday, but it’s still my work in progress since I tend to tweak and edit right up until hitting that “publish” button. Before I get to the Lucky Seven excerpt, here’s the book’s official “blurb,” or description, to refresh your memory:

Recently widowed and newly jobless, 42-year-old Rhett (yeah, she knows that’s a man’s name) Davis has a major life decision to make. She can either stay in the little Texas town where she was never really accepted, driving the same old beat-up Dodge and sliding toward genteel decrepitude, or she can buy a Jag, get some highlights, ditch the frumpy clothes, and strike out for the big smoke of Dallas. Hey, she never liked that Dodge, anyway.

The one thing she’s not looking for in the Big D is romance, but when her upstairs neighbor turns out to be the delectable and very single Rhys James, frontman for the band Illicit, Rhett decides that she just might give this love thing a shot…assuming she remembers how to go about it, that is. It doesn’t take her long to figure out that Rhys is anything but a predictable, paint-by-numbers sorta guy. Music is his mistress, and she’s not good at sharing. Throw in a scheming ex-wife and a demanding daughter, and Rhett’s quest for her old crush’s heart just got a hell of a lot harder.

But Texas women don’t scare easy. And Rhett will be damned if she lets this English Rock star go without a fight.

When Liv tagged me on her blog, she said she hoped my Lucky Seven would include Rhys, and I’m delighted to say it does! In this seven line snippet, Rhett has gone to the fitness room at her sister’s condominium complex (where Rhys is also in temporary residence), and found the lead singer from Illicit just completing his own workout:

SGH title page tilted

And speaking of cut, the man before her was a textbook definition. His white, sleeveless T-shirt was plastered to his body, revealing beautifully toned pecs and abs, and showed his biceps to their best advantage as he tipped the water bottle to his mouth. If he wasn’t wearing those baggy sweatpants she’d be able to check out his legs. Of course, she’d already seen what an amazing butt he had the day she met him.

Rhett gave herself a mental shake and jerked her gaze back to his face before he could catch her in another bout of ogling.

“Well, I hope having an episode of Charmed running on the DVD player won’t disturb you too much,” she said, holding up the disc in her hand.

Rhys lowered the bottle and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth. “Prue or Paige?”

You’ll be able to read the rest on Monday!

And now the Rules for The Lucky Seven Game:

Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.

Go to line 7

Post on your blog the next 7 sentences or 7 lines—as they are!

Tag 7 people to do the same. For the next round I’m tagging:

S.A. Hussey (because she tagged me in the Five For Five, and karma’s a bitch. LOL!)

Debi Matlack (because she has two WIPs going, and I can’t wait to see which one she chooses to use)

Elizabeth Corva (because I’ve read a part of her next book already, and I need another fix)

Terri Herman-Ponce (because I want to find out more about Lottie, David and Galen!)

K.S. Thomas (because she’s teasing me with all those Pinterest pins about her next book)

Debra Kayn (because I can’t get enough of those Bantorus guys)

Deborah O’Neill Cordes (because I’m dying to know what she’s got up her sleeve this time!)


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