My Top 5 Fictional Boyfriends

untitledOkay, I had to snicker a little when I typed the word “boyfriend.” It just sounds so high school, right? But then, my top 5 fictional boyfriends (I snickered again) do kind of give me that shivery little thrill I’d get back in the day when the guy I was crushing on would ask me out. It wasn’t love, though I probably thought it was before I knew better. Rather, it was that too-good-to-be-true, all-my-dreams-will-be-realized, oh-my-God-he’s-so-HAWT infatuation. That’s what I feel when I read about my fictional boyfriends.

Sure, not all the heroes in the books I love make the cut. In fact, Barnes & Noble recently blogged about The Lamest Boyfriends in Fiction, and I agreed with the majority of them.  In fact, I can think of about ten more right now that could have made that list.

But the ones that do make the cut? The ones that give me that starry-eyed, infatuated delight? Oh, they are extraordinary! 😉

Rhett-Motivation-rhett-butler-22604641-343-5005. Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Le sigh. Probably my first fictional crush (I first read the book in seventh grade), and the one I’ve never gotten over. Rhett is suave, intelligent, and handsome with a wicked sense of humor. Oh, and he’s a bad boy, and it’s hard to resist those! Every time I read the book, it just kills me how much he loves Scarlett, but doesn’t dare let her know. The scene that really gets me? When Scarlett visits him in jail to try to get the $300 she needs to pay the taxes on Tara. He believes the lines she’s feeding him, and he lets down his guard and shows her the sweet, tender, loving side of him. I so wish the sequel to the book, Scarlett, had been better. Rhett was almost an after-thought, when he should have been through the whole thing. And we won’t even talk about Rhett’s People, which should just be run over with a bulldozer and then buried.

Unknown pretty guy

I don’t know how Ms. Woodiwiss envisioned Ruark, but except for the eye color, this works for me!

4. Ruark Beauchamp from Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Ruark is one of the few bodice-ripper heroes who could totally shine in a contemporary romance. A man wrongly accused of a crime, given an opportunity he can’t resist, only to be double-crossed. And then he manages to turn the tables on Shanna, and does a spectacular job of pestering her at every turn until he finally gets what he was promised. Like Rhett Butler, Ruark is intelligent, funny and charming. He’s also honorable, brave and resourceful, and he’s sexy as hell.

Remembrance by S.A.Hussey

When I asked the author what Sulien looks like, she sent me this. No arguments here!

3. Sulien from Remembrance by S.A Hussey. Unfortunately, only a few people know about Sulien, since Remembrance isn’t yet published. (She’s promising it will be out next year, and we’ve all got our fingers crossed!) But when you meet him, you’ll know why this dark and mysterious sorcerer is #3 on my list! What’s not to love about a powerful man who waits 600 years to confront the woman he thinks betrayed him, and then shows her just what she threw away? I have a feeling Sulien will find his way onto quite a few Fictional Boyfriends lists when this book is released!

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser

Scots actor Sam Heughan has been cast in the role of Jamie in the upcoming Outlander mini-series on Starz

2. Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Oh, Jamie. I’ve followed this Oh-I-Wish-He-Were-Real Scottish Highlander from the time he was a 23-year-old virgin on his wedding night to Claire, to a 50-something husband and father thrust unwillingly into a position of command in the Continental Army during America’s Revolutionary War. This tall, red-heided man has made millions of women’s hearts skip a beat from the first book, and we’re all waiting – sometimes impatiently, I might add – for the next book to be released sometime in the summer. We’re all nuts about Jamie, and who can blame us for being captivated by the almost-perfect man?

My vision of Jay Carey

Yes, I know it’s Jimmy Page, but it’s how I’ve always seen Jay Carey. Any wonder he’s at #1?

1. Jay Carey from my own Crimson and Clover. I freely admit it – I have a crush on all my heroes; Derek Marshall from Athena’s Daughter, Geoff Lane from Song Without Words, and Rhys James Collinsworth from the upcoming Sister Golden Hair. But Jay Carey holds a special place in my heart. Is it because he’s so focused and driven when it comes to his music, but so vulnerable where Katie is concerned? Is it because when part of his world falls apart he does the one thing guaranteed to make the rest of it come crashing down? Is it because he is smokin’ hot and an incredible lover? Yes, yes, and yes. From his rock god intensity to his willingness to get down on his knees to make things right with Katie, Jay just makes my heart go pitty-pat. And he always will.

So there are my Top 5 Fictional Boyfriends. Now I’d love to know yours! Tell me, which fictional heroes make your breath come just a little harder, make your heart give a pleasurable little lurch, and make your hands a little sweaty so that the pages of the book stick to your fingers? Let us know in the comments! Or do your own blog about it, and leave the link in the comments so we can all click over and enjoy. 🙂

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