The One Button That Will Change Your Life For The Better

I have found it, the one button online that will change your life for the better with one click! Seriously, DO try this at home. I did, and I’m telling ya, it works.

In my last post I wrote about owning our personal joy, and how it’s our choice whether or not we look for and find joy in all things. But it’s hard, isn’t it? Especially with so much negativity coming at us from everywhere. And one place it seems to emanate the strongest is social media.

I admit it: I’m somewhat of a social media junkie. As a card-carrying introvert, social media is where I tend to experience the majority of my interactions with humans other than my husband. Especially now since I refuse to leave the house while influenza-infected people think they must go out in public and spread the “love.” But I think we all need to remember that social media isn’t always the best place to be.

It’s too easy for people to be keyboard warriors when they aren’t face-to-face with someone. People will say horrible, hate-filled things all day long on social media when they can hide behind their computer screen and an online alias. Like the girl on Twitter who snapped out “I hate white people” and “Exterminate the Whites!” yesterday. Now, she very well might walk up to a white person and say that to their face, but I’m betting she wouldn’t. But online, and under a made-up alias name, she felt free to unleash racial hatred. (Her tweet got over 150,000 likes, too. What the actual fuck, people? Twitter is such a cesspool.)

It’s not just anonymous people hiding behind an alias, either. The number of college professors who have tweeted/posted that they wish all conservatives would be murdered is frightening. Even more frightening is the fact that the majority of them keep their teaching jobs after advocating mass murder of people who don’t share their political or social opinions. I’m not ignoring the flip side, either. There are plenty of people who blithely call for the extinction of all liberals. They’re just not college professors or employed in the media or show business like their opposite numbers.

Hate spewed out daily by people we don’t know is sure to dim our joy, no matter how hard we try to keep it at the forefront of our thoughts. It’s not just hate, either. The thinly-veiled insults about your political, religious, or social beliefs from friends are hurtful. After all, that’s what those types of comments are designed to do, hurt you. It’s not constructive, it’s not designed to make you think, it’s only there to make you feel bad. And angry. And certainly not joyful.

And what about the sheer drama? I’d wager almost all of us have seen passive-aggressive drama posts on our social media feeds. Again, those aren’t designed to make anyone think, at least not think logically. No, they’re designed to either get attention or stir things up and get some high-voltage hate started.

That’s the main problem with social media. It’s too easy to whip out something inflammatory and/or hurtful, and then just go on with life without bothering about the fallout. Yes, most of those types of posters do stick around to watch the fallout, and even though I’m not a medical professional I have to think they have some serious mental issues that need to be evaluated posthaste. And when that crap comes across your feed it clicks on a response in you: return hatred, hurt, despair in some cases, and even thoughts of revenge. And boom, your joy has taken a serious hit.

But one button can change all of that. And that button is

For some reason we all seem to be hesitant to block people on social media, no matter how much they stress us out or hurt us. I know I used to refuse to use this wonder button. I would “mute” or “unfollow” without actually blocking them, keeping them on my friends list or whatever, no matter how toxic that person tended to be. Why? It’s not like they’ll know you’ve blocked them, especially people you don’t know, people who have relationships in common with you, whether it’s through friends, family, or coworkers. And, honestly, what’s going to happen if they do discover they’ve been blocked? So what if they get angry? They’re already mad as hell at the world, so a little more isn’t going to rock their radar. And if they dare to confront you about it, all you have to do is post (or say) “I find the majority of things you post to be offensive and hateful, so yes, I blocked you. Respect my decision.”

A quick word about blocking people you don’t even know. You may see their responses on your friends’ posts, and if your Twitter friends like a tweet from the toxic person that tweet will show up on your Twitter timeline. So, yes, you do need to block people you don’t know. There’s no reason whatsoever to let the negativity of a stranger invade your personal space.

Yes, it’s hard to block family, but if they’re toxic enough for you to even consider blocking them, then do it. You aren’t required to follow anyone’s posts, remember that. Do it for your peace of mind. Do it.

Just in case you aren’t clear on how to block other users, here’s how to do it in just a couple of clicks.


Go to the person’s profile page by clicking on their name.

Click on those three horizontal button to the far right.

Scroll down to the bottom to where it says “Block” and click on it.

Facebook will then ask you to confirm.

Now, I totally clicked Cancel here, because I would never block Debi! But if I were to click Confirm I’d get a quick message from Facebook letting me know the block was now active. If you ever want to unblock someone it’s easy to do, too. Just go to your settings and view a list of people you have blocked. You can unblock them there.


In this case I’ll actually be blocking this person, because I’m tired of his shit-stirring replies showing up in my feed when he comments on tweets by people I like. Just call up one of his tweets in a feed.

Then click on his name to bring up his profile page.

Again, you’ll see three dots to the far right of the page. On Facebook they’re horizontal. Here on Twitter they’re vertical. Just click on those to show the drop-down menu.

Scroll down to the Block command and click on it.

Click Block and the offender’s tweets will never show up in your Twitter timeline again, nor will you ever see his/her tweets if one of your friends hits the “Like” on one of his tweets. Bye, monkey boy!


I’ve found it’s a rare occasion to block someone on Pinterest. It seems to be the least troll-ridden social media platform. But every now and then you may find it necessary to block someone, especially if you’ve blocked them everywhere else and they decide to harass you on Pinterest. First, go to your “Following” list from your profile, and call up the names of everyone you follow.

If you just want to stop seeing someone’s pins, just click Unfollow under their name. If you need to block them, click on their name and call up their profile.

And no, I’m not blocking Debra Kayn. I totally love her! I’m just using her profile for example purposes. Now, go to the little flag icon at the top of their page and click on that.

Then just click Block at the bottom. Again, I did not block Debra! I hit Cancel, promise.


And once again I’m just using a profile for an example. Sherry is one of my best friends, and I’d never block her. But what you do is click on a person’s name to call up their profile page.

Go to the little check-marked head icon, and click on that.

This window will appear, and all you have to do is click Block. (There’s a cancel button at the bottom, too, just in case you’ve clicked by accident.)

And there you have it. The Block button, the one button that will change your life for the better by removing unneeded negativity and toxicity from invading your personal space and harshing your joy.

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