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I’ve mentioned before that I love doing research for my books. In addition to researching the setting, the clothing, the language and the historical aspects, writing romance novels with a strong music influence requires me to go where live music is being performed. Hey, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it. Heh heh. It’s especially enjoyable when it’s my friend performing.

This is my brilliant friend Chris Webster. (And I apologize for the low quality of the picture, but it was taken with my phone in a club — a bar, actually — and I’m amazed it came out as clear as it did.) Last night my daughter and I went to see him with his band, Mr. Happy. I worked with Chris at the local radio station several years ago and I mean it when I say he’s one of the most talented, intelligent and unselfish people I’ve ever known. He not only made my production sound fantastic, he’s also been a big help with my current WIP. The book is set in a radio station in the 1980s and I’ve discovered I can’t remember some of the terms we used back then. Chris has evidently never forgotten anything he ever heard and has been patient about answering my questions about the name of this or that piece of radio station equipment or the way we did things back when we played actual records.

Chris also made one of my rock ‘n roll dreams come true when he mentioned me in the liner notes of one of his albums. Look closely at that picture and you’ll see my name there! (I’ve outlined it in red to make it easier to find and because I like being outlined in red.) One of the biggest thrills of my life, I kid you not.

So yes, research is one of my favorite parts of being an author of romance novels that rock! What’s been your favorite part of researching your novel?

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