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3 Things Your Critique Group NEEDS To See (Other Than Your Manuscript)

All writers know that a good critique group – or even just a good, honest critique partner – is a must. The critique of a manuscript is essential, because after slaving away on that book for months and months a … Continue reading

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Tools Of The Trade

Every so often I get an email or Facebook message from pre-published writers, most of them with a version of “I’ve got a story in me, but getting it from my head onto paper isn’t working! How do I do … Continue reading

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Why I Decided To Self-Publish My Second Book

  Over the past couple of months I’ve had several people ask why I decided to go the self-publishing route with Athena’s Daughter when Crimson and Clover had been traditionally published. I began hearing the question a lot more when … Continue reading

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Crimson and Clover, the (very) condensed version

One day while reading Query Shark I saw a query that made me wish there was a “buy” button on the page.  That query was written by Josin L. McQuein for her book Premeditated which will be published in October … Continue reading

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Three writing rules I always break

Though I haven’t seen it myself there’s apparently a big stone tablet somewhere upon which someone has engraved The Rules of Writing.  I’ve seen these rules transcribed on blogs, on websites and in books, and I’ve heard them vocalized by … Continue reading

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Mary Sue’s down-trodden twin

All writers know the rule: Characters must have flaws to make them relatable to the reader. Without those little quirks and flaws the character becomes a Mary Sue, the bane of the written word. We’ve all encountered Mary Sue in … Continue reading

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The Joy of Research, part two: The Music

Whoa, my first two-part blog post! In part one, I told you about the fun I had researching background for my novel and mentioned I’d done some research on the music popular at the time my book is set, as … Continue reading

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