Teaser Thursday! A Bit More From Sister Golden Hair

It’s going to be busy the next couple of weeks, and I’m excited about it all! First of all, Athena’s Daughter and Song Without Words are on sale at Amazon and All Romance, and you can get each of them for a dollar or less for a very limited time.

Juli Page Morgan, Bestselling Author of Romances that Rock

Secondly, there will be a chance for you to win a copy of Song Without Words in the Sizzling Summer Reads Party at The Romance Reviews. That chance will come on June 8, but in the meantime there are all kinds of fantastic books to win, and some awesome prizes, including a $100 gift certificate. So click on over and find out more!


Last, but certainly not least, is Sister Golden Hair‘s release coming up on June 16! Since I just can’t keep it to myself until then, here’s a Teaser Thursday excerpt for you:

Juli Page Morgan, Bestselling Author of Romances that Rock

Pizza restaurants always smelled like school lunchrooms to Rhett for some reason. Maybe it was because the Claiborne School District served something slathered in tomato sauce almost every day of the week. The smell nauseated her, but it didn’t really have anything to do with tomatoes or pizza. What tied her stomach up in knots was the memory of her laughing classmates enjoying friendships and fun while she sat alone and ostracized at the end of a long table. It wasn’t until she and Elaine became friends in eighth grade that Rhett had anyone to sit with at lunch. No wonder she tended to avoid going out for pizza.

Sitting across from Rhys in a booth at one of the busiest pizza joints in Dallas changed all that. For the first time since she was a little girl the aroma was tempting, seductive and mouth-watering. Okay, maybe that was just Rhys, but the pizza smelled good, too. It sat on a dented metal pan in the middle of the table, the half with bell peppers, Italian sausage and olives on his side, the pepperoni with extra cheese facing Rhett. There wasn’t a lot left on Rhett’s side, though. She awakened from her sex-induced coma ravenous, and had all but inhaled her pizza while putting away two mugs of beer.

With her stomach full, she sat back with a satisfied sigh. “That was good.”

“Mm-hm.” Rhys wiped a corner of his mouth with a napkin. “Are you through? We both have a slice left.”

“You have it. I can’t eat another bite.”

“You’re sure?” Rhys pulled one of the last two slices onto his plate just as his cell phone chirped at him from the table where it rested. He picked it up, read the text that had just come in, and frowned. “Later, mate. I don’t give a shit right now.” He put the phone face down on the table and devoted himself to the pizza.

“Who’s bothering you?”

“Drew. And David and Ross and Parker. Our manager, Flynn, too, I think.” He chewed a minute in silence, then shook his head with an exasperated sigh as the phone chirped again. “There’s going to be a car on our album cover, and he’s going nuts suggesting what kind of car. And since it’s a group text, I get everyone’s opinion. They’re worse than any teenager.”

“You’re pretty good with the texts yourself.” Rhett arched an eyebrow. “I enjoy the ones you send me when you’re not here, even if they are all mostly dirty in some way.”

He held up one finger until he swallowed. “Yours aren’t exactly squeaky clean, Beautiful. In fact, they’re downright filthy.”

Rhett shrugged, unperturbed. “I blame you for that. You’ve managed to bring out a side of me I never had before.”

Rhys regarded her for moment over the rim of his mug. “I think it was always there. You just needed to let it go.”

After a moment to think it over, she nodded slowly. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe it was always there, but I needed to be with someone who knew how to bring it out.”

“That’s understandable.” He tossed the pizza crust on the pan and pulled the last slice onto his plate. “You’ve only ever been with one man, and you married him when you were young. Though I can’t imagine why he never tried harder to find that part of you later.”

“Well, you’re only partly right.” She bit the inside of her lip in indecision before she continued. “Todd isn’t the only man I’ve slept with. I dated other guys before he and I hooked up.”

To her relief, Rhys didn’t seem to find that shocking, scandalous or slutty. In fact, he didn’t react to it all and seemed to take it as a matter of course. “And you still didn’t know you had such a ferocious sex goddess in there?”

“Sex goddess.” Rhett laughed in surprise. How different he was from the rigid, judgmental, holier-than-thou people with whom she’d grown up. “Right. But no, we were teenagers. Be honest. When you were that age did you take the time to, er, stimulate your girlfriends like you did this afternoon with me?”

Rhys snickered. “When I was that age, no. I was too excited at having real live sex with someone other than myself.”

The visual that statement conjured left Rhett speechless for a few minutes. She shook it off, so to speak, and leaned her elbows on the table. “Speaking of sex, I found one of your texts intriguing.”

“Only one?” The look he sent her from under his lashes could only be described as smoldering. A delicious little shiver ran over her skin.

“Okay, all of them. But this one was … interesting. You asked me if I’d ever had sex in public.”

He stopped with the pizza halfway to his mouth. “Have you?”

She titled her head with a wry look. “I just gave you a rundown on my sex life before I met you, so what do you think?”

“I’ll take that as a ‘no,’ then.”

“Very good. Have you? Had sex in public, I mean?”

A look of pure innocence transformed his face, and he pushed his plate toward her. “You’re sure you don’t want any more pizza?”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’ then.” Rhett sat back and regarded him closely. “What would you do if I told you I wanted to fuck you right here, right now?”

In answer, Rhys slid out of the booth and came to her side. “Budge up.”

In shock, she scooted across the vinyl seat and made room for him to sit beside her. He rested his arm on the back of the seat and looked at her, eyebrows raised in expectation.

Oh dear God, what was she going to do now? She hadn’t been lying when she said he brought out a side of her with which she was unfamiliar. That side just got her into a situation she had no idea how to handle, and she stared back at him in utter confusion.

Rhys burst into laughter. “I’m so sorry, Rhett, but you should see your face right now.”

Unamused, she stared at him as he lowered his head to the table and actually guffawed. Even when his arm dropped from the back of the seat to her shoulders, she remained stiff, arms crossed over her chest.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” His embrace tightened and pulled her close, though errant snickers still shook him. “I was only laughing at the expression on your face, not at you. You looked so shocked.”

Rhett relaxed against him and allowed a small smile to pull at the corners of her mouth. “Okay. I’m sure I did look shocked, because I sure felt that way.”

Rhys kissed her temple and put his lips close to her ear. “You asked what I’d do, and I did it. If you want me, I’m here.” He pulled back and grinned. “But just for further reference, a restaurant booth isn’t an optimal place for it.”

“How do you -”

He pressed a quick kiss to her lips, silencing her question.

Copyright ©2014 Juli Page Morgan. All Rights Reserved Carey On Publishing.


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