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Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanzaa! And Die Winter Die. Oh. Ahem. That last one’s just for me. Let’s just insert a sheepish smile here, shall we? But while I’m hibernating until spring I thought I’d get caught up on my list of Things I’m a-Gonna Do. And since you’re hanging with me today, I thought I’d Tell Ya What I’m a-Gonna Do.

I’m a-Gonna Unfollow on Social Media

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Now, I’ll admit that I unfollowed a butt-load of highly unpleasant, smug, and unrepentant twatwaffles during the recent U.S. Presidential election. After my guy won I went back and re-followed (is that even a word?) most of them. I’ve only had to re-unfollow (okay, I know that can’t be a word!) one of them. Hey, she posted that Lily Allen song and aimed it at us who support the PEOTUS, so I quietly removed her posts from my feed so I wouldn’t have to see them. But those aren’t the people I’m a-gonna unfollow now. No, unfortunately a large number of them will be authors. Now, if I’m lucky enough to be friends with their actual personal profile on Facebook then I most likely won’t unfollow that. It’s their author pages I’ll unfollow. Because while they post interesting and funny and sometimes incendiary things on their personal profiles, when they “interact” on their author pages it’s always to try to sell a book. They post teasers and banners and links to reviews and on-sale info. But they never really interact with anyone. There’s nothing on those author pages that make me want to know them, nothing that tells me who they are as a person. Shoot, I know they have books! So quit trying to shove them down my throat all the time. I know they’re there. And if I like you, the person, I may check out what you’ve written. But not if the only time you pop up on my newsfeed it’s to try to sell me something. And that usually carries right over onto Instagram, too. Book teasers out the wazoo, full of lines from the book that have no context to me, and if they’re lines from sexy-times then it just looks like an ad for porn. I’d rather see photos of your backyard. Really. Oh, and also? I’m right off Twitter, so that’s like unfollow times a million. 🙂

I’m a-Gonna Write

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If you get my newsletter then you know why I’ve been off the Writing Wagon for a while. But, brother, I’m back on it. Or else, I will be around the end of January if everything goes well. And it should! But stories? Do I have stories, y’all. And characters? Lots of ’em! And even a new little town that I think you’ll love as much as I (and my characters) do! And, yes, I swear on my own pointed little head that I will wrap up Rhys and Rhett’s story. Which reminds me, I’ll have a sweet box series coming along in 2017, too. It will be affordably priced and all the books will be pertaining to something you’ve all begged me to write. I have half of it written now, as a matter of fact. Can’t wait to show it to y’all!

I’m a-Gonna Finish My Office

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That picture? That’s an actual photo of my office in its present state. Have mercy, I started re-doing my office sometime during the summer, and that turned into a cluster…well, you know. (I’ve already used the word twatwaffle in this post. I’m trying to be good. Stop rolling your eyes.) But when I put up the Christmas tree I had to use the office to store this gorgeous wicker chair I scored for only $15, and other odds and ends from the living room so that I could put my holiday stuff up. So now I have to kick crap out of the way to get in the door of my office. Dang it. But it’s going….I mean, it’s a-gonna look so great when I get it decorated! I’m doing a bohemian theme, and can’t wait to get back in there, shut the door and light some incense. Then I’ll turn on the stereo, or I’ll play the piano for a bit (yes, I have a piano in there) and then I’ll sit down and write while the sun shines through the multi-colored beads in the window. Ahhh. Hey, I started a Pinterest board for my office remodel. Feel free to check it out if you want!

I’m a-Gonna See Y’all Here More Often

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Promise on that, my Bohemian Babes. I promise to finish my Rock Fiction Primer (which, judging by the latest offerings, is desperately needed), I promise to regale you with tales from Hooterville (it gets more interesting — in a Green Acres sort of way — here every day), I promise to share excerpts from my writing, and I promise to be here twice a week like I’m supposed to be and to quit screwing around on Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram all the time. We good? Good.

Anyhow, that’s what I’m a-Gonna Do.

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