The Door Was Held Together With A Toothpick

I promised to keep you updated on the Money Pit I fell in love with, right? Well, we’re not going to be the house’s new owners, for reasons I won’t go into because it still makes me so furious my head spins around faster than Linda Blair’s did in The Exorcist. Instead of letting all that fury go to waste, I decided to expend it on our current home and finally do all those remodeling and updating projects we’ve talked about for years.

Get the sledgehammers ready, because some walls are coming down.

Photo by Ian on Juli Page Morgan's Blog

Photo ©Ian, from Flickr Creative Commons

We’ve done things here and there to the house. I’ve painted the kitchen, the hall and the living room, including sanding and painting over the most hideous trim in the entire known universe. The house is 62 years old, and all the trim is original, covered with the original orange varnish they used. This varnish did not go quietly, either. Working on that stuff brought me close to madness, though I think that might have been from breathing in the dust from sanding. And yes, I wore a mask, but varnish dust is insidious. But I have made some strides in bringing the house into a more pleasant place to be. My picture taking skills leave a lot to be desired, but here’s a quick peek:

Juli Page Morgan Juli Page Morgan Juli Page Morgan Juli Page Morgan

But can you see a problem here? (Other than the fact that I always forget to take a “before” photo until I’ve already taken down all the wall art and dragged the furniture into the middle of the space, that is. Also that I’ve not taken a real “after” photo of the kitchen.) The problem is that we never truly complete anything. I did get all the window trim in the kitchen painted, but the cabinets still need to be done. The doors in the hall still need to be replaced. And the living room floor … Well, the least said about that, the better.

But all that’s about to change. Things are going to get done!

Juli Page Morgan

I started with the points of ingress/egress. The front door wasn’t too bad. We sanded the living daylights out of that thing several years ago and slapped a bright coat of barn red paint on it. I’m tired of red, though, so I brightened it up. (Again, my “before” photo was taken after I started the project. Forgive the bright blue painter’s tape.)

Juli Page Morgan

The back door was a bigger and more difficult issue. Our old door was on its last legs. Old, varnished, broken and held together with some metal thing my husband attached so it would actually open and close. And the doorknob? Held on with a toothpick. A toothpick, y’all!

Juli Page morganJuli Page Morgan

Fired up and ready to drag this old house into the 21st Century, I dragged The Hubs to Lowe’s and special ordered a new door. The day it was delivered was a happy day for me!

Juli Page Morgan

We ripped off the trim that night, and the next day we installed the lovely new door. Perfect!

Juli Page Morgan

Next up? (After we get the quarter-round on the baseboards, that is.) That screened-in back porch you can see through the glass there. We begin tomorrow. Of course, I’m right in the middle of writing Heart of Gold,  so things are even more crazy around here than usual. But it’s worth it. I’m going to have this house the way I want it after all these years. Even if it kills me. 😉

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