The interesting browser history of a writer

I read somewhere that one of the duties of a best friend should be to clear your browser history if you die.  This is especially true for best friends of writers, because our research takes us into strange and surreal areas and our browser histories can give the impression that devious plots are afoot. (Well, in our books devious plots often are afoot!)  And sometimes our browser histories just make us look plain weird!  For example, here are some of my recent searches on Google.
  • Which wines have the highest alcohol content?
  • Do brain cells die during orgasm?
  • Head shops on Highland Avenue in Memphis
  • Attorneys in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Flight time from New York to London
And that’s just the first five.  (Yes, I actually Googled the brain cell thing.  You’ll find out why when you  read my next book.)  At first glance it appears that drunk horny people get in legal trouble because of drugs and then flee the country.  But it’s really just research for various parts of my book.
I take great pride in the research I do when writing my books.  Even though I write fiction, I make sure that events and settings are accurate and true to life.  It’s why you won’t see me churning out a new book every month, because thorough research takes longer than that.  And it doesn’t end with Google, either.
These internet searches are just the beginning.  Before I submit my book to the publisher I will have spoken with a wine connoisseur, a doctor, Memphis residents, an attorney, and either an airline representative or someone who has flown from New York to London.  Then I’ll visit some of the locales in the book to get the feel of the place so I can write about it in a way that will take the reader there as he or she is reading.  Some might think that’s a little over the top, but I’m too persnickety to allow sloppy or erroneous information in my books.  I owe it to you to make them as accurate as I possibly can.  I want you to taste the wine, feel the rush of the jet as it takes off, hear the cars rushing by on the street.
And that’s why my browser history will be anything but boring!
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