Things I Did In Massachusetts Besides Meet Jimmy Page and Ross Halfin

I think I might have mentioned a time or two that the main objective of my trip to Massachusetts was to see Jimmy Page. And I not only saw him but I met him, too. And Ross Halfin. Did I mention that at all? 😉 While that was definitely the highlight of my trip, it was far from the only thing I did while in that lovely state. I was also there to do research for Sister Golden Hair, part of which is set in Boston, so here’s Part One of my adventures.


It surprises a lot of people when they find out that I’m far from a well-traveled individual. I’ve been a fair number of different places, but I’ve never been north of the Mason-Dixon line in my life. (Unless Denver is north of it, but it’s out west so I don’t think it counts.) So I was overjoyed to get my first glimpse of Massachusetts from the window of the plane.

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Hello, Massachusetts!

After a harrowing (to me, anyway – it’s rather disconcerting when the plane kind of falls a couple thousand feet when it hits a pocket of cold air over the Atlantic) landing at Boston’s Logan airport, I was met by my wonderful, amazing friend S.A. Hussey. I must have come off like a small child all the way from Boston to her home in a costal town about a half-hour away, because I kept bouncing on my seat, exclaiming “Look! It’s the Atlantic ocean! It’s so gorgeous up here!”


And gorgeous it is. I turned immediately into one of those people who take about nine million pictures of water and rocks, but everything I saw was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist.

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Me at Salem Harbor; waves crashing onto the rocks at Marblehead; sunset at The Willows in Salem; tide pools on the island of Nahant

I’m telling you – if you go to Massachusetts in May there’s no way you can get a bad shot of anything!

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Me on the island of Nahant; a sailboat on the Atlantic; coves on Nahant; the Boston skyline from the town of Swampscott

Stephanie and I set out for Salem the next day. For those not brought up in that area, the most we hear about Salem in our history classes at school revolves around the infamous Witch Trials. But there’s so much more to the town that that.


Our first stop was Salem Harbor. Anchored there is an honest-to-God clipper ship called the Friendship which blew my mind.

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Welcome to Salem!; the lighthouse at Salem Harbor; the figurehead on The Friendship; The Friendship anchored at Salem Harbor

Salem is also the home to The House of the Seven Gables. Though Stephanie and I didn’t take the tour, we did get some wonderful photos.

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Tulips in bloom at The House of the Seven Gables; The House of the Seven Gables in Salem; some of the gables; another shot of the house

I’m kind of freaky about staircases, the older the better, and I managed to snap off a few photos of ones that caught my attention. 🙂 The last one, in an old house built by cabinetmaker Thomas Needham in 1830, is now in Crow Haven Corner, one of the most famous witch shops in Salem.

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A staircase in a house being renovated in Salem; the narrow stairs at Crow Haven; the sign on the house; and Crow Haven’s sign

So that’s pretty much the morning of day one. Stay tuned for more! Next time I’ll take you through more of Salem, and then on with me into Boston. 🙂

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