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I love to read.  Ever since I was a child one of my favorite activities has been to curl up with a good book and lose myself in the story.  And when I find a book I love, I just have to tell everyone about it so they can enjoy it, too.  So, hi everyone! I’ve read the most fantastic books and I just have to tell you about them!

  • I Do … Or Die by Donna Cummings.  This book is an absolute delight!  Donna Cummings writes with such a fresh, hilarious voice, and I found myself literally laughing until tears came to my eyes at times.  I was so involved in this story that I just stumbled around the house with my e-reader in hand since I couldn’t put it down.  For fans of romance and women’s fiction, this one is a must read.
  • Forever and Ever, Amen by Liv Rancourt.  Liv  hit it out of the park with this book.  The pairing of Molly and Cass is one of the most unique I’ve seen, and the fact that they can’t be together had me reading like a mad thing to find out what ultimately happened.  I was not disappointed!  Not only are the main characters engaging, the secondary characters are so well developed (and sometimes so quirky) that they leap off the page.  Liv has a way with dialogue, too, that makes this read more like having a conversation with a good friend.
  • Old Dogs by Debi Matlack.  I know I keep mentioning this book, but that’s because it’s truly one of the best books I’ve ever read.  While the romance elements are strong, Old Dogs isn’t a typical romance novel but the story of Valerie Roark learning to dump the emotional baggage she carries from her distastrous marriage and move on.  Debi has done an excellent job of taking this premise and breathing fresh air into it with characters that leap off the page, well-timed snarky humor and plot twists that keep you turning the pages.
  • Fall Into You by Roni Loren.  I love all of Roni’s books, and her latest one is no exception.  One of the things I really love about her books is the depth and complexity of the characters.  Fall Into You takes that to new heights and makes for an even richer and more compelling story, complete with an Oh-No-He-Didn’t! moment that left me cheering.  Like all of Roni’s books, Fall Into You has plenty of deliciously smexy moments, but the in-depth look she gives us into both Charli’s and Grant’s lives makes it even more stirring.
  • Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie.  I’d heard of Jennifer’s books but hadn’t picked one up until a very interesting tweet from Jenny Hansen had me downloading this book so fast I think my e-reader ended up smoking a little.  Man, do I ever owe Jenny Hansen a debt.  What a great book!  Set in a small town called Temptation, it’s one of those books that you just cannot put down because you recognize so many of the characters from your own life.  Plus, it’s frequently so funny that you have to put it down because you’re laughing so hard you can’t hold the book for a few minutes.  I loved it!

And then, of course, there’s a book called Crimson and Clover.  😉  So if your own TBR pile is getting a little low, or nothing in it tempts you at the moment, take a look at these books and enjoy!

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