What’s Rhys James Up To? Exclusive Excerpt!

I love all my characters. Each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart. But Rhys James from my Illicit Series? Oh, Rhys. There’s just something about that tall lead singer with the long, honey-streaked blond hair that makes my heart go pitty-pat.

heart pounding

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Rhys as I work on Heart of Gold, the second book in the Illicit Series. Just as Sister Golden Hair was Rhett’s story, its sequel belongs mostly to Rhys. As he and Rhett start their lives together as an official couple, we’re going to get into that gorgeous head of his and find out more about what makes this man tick.


Since it isn’t fair for me to hog Rhys all to myself, I thought I’d share a quick excerpt from Heart of Gold with you. Even though this is shown in Rhett’s point of view, it’s clear to see what Rhys is up to on this flight to London. Enjoy!

heart 2

Tempted; she was so tempted. The man could have stood in for the serpent in the Garden of Eden with no coaching. But an airplane lavatory? Nuh-uh. At least in the dressing room and the park they could escape if discovered. There was nowhere to run on a jumbo jet. Rhett answered his question with a stern expression. But it was too much to hope that a simple look of outrage would suffice. In fact, it didn’t slow him down a bit.

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