When Did My Childhood Toys Become “Collectibles?”

When I was five years old I got what I thought had to be the best toy in the whole wide world – a Liddle Kiddle Kologne doll. I remember being in the store with my mom when I first saw this line of little dolls made by Mattel. Each one came in a cologne bottle, and each one had a different scent. I fell in love with the honeysuckle-scented doll, and my mom bought it for me. This was a huge deal, because we never had a lot of money for extra things, especially toys not given on birthdays or Christmas. I still have Honeysuckle.

Juli Page Morgan, bestselling author of Romances that Rock

She’s not in mint shape by any means. I loved this little doll, and I played with her often. As a result, she’s lost the large flower that used to adorn her hair, the top to her “kologne” bottle was lost long ago, and she’s a tad dingy. But you know what? I still love her. Somewhere along the way I acquired another Kiddle Kologne doll. Violet was her name, but I never owned her bottle. She belonged to friend who didn’t want her, so she gave the doll to me. I lost her somewhere, though. All I had left was the green and purple headband that went in her hair. Four or five years ago I ran across a Violet doll for sale on eBay. Since it only cost $5 and had free shipping, I bought it. Then one day I found among my things another Kiddle doll I had when I was a little girl. This one was named (no, I’m not making this up) Baby Din-Din. I have no idea where I got this unfortunately-named doll.

Juli Page Morgan, bestselling author of Romances that Rock

My youngest granddaughter has always been fascinated with my Liddle Kiddles. When she plays with them she always takes care to treat them gently, and it makes me happy that she seems to love them as much as I always did. She spent a week with us recently, and as I watched her play with the dolls I got the idea to log onto eBay to buy some more of the Kiddle Kolognes.

Oh. My. God.

Since I bought Violet for $5 the Kiddle Kologne prices have gone right through the freakin’ roof! Sellers are asking (and apparently getting) anywhere from $55 to $150 for these little dolls. Even the not-so-mint condition specimens like mine are going for $30 or more. Somewhere along the way my childhood toys have become “collectibles.” Of course, when I saw these prices my competitive nature kicked in. Some little devil in my head spoke up and insisted that I buy some (read: ALL) of these dolls before they were all gone and I could never find any more for sale, or before they started selling in the thousands of dollars.

Luckily for my bank account, I retained enough common sense to refrain from placing ridiculous bids on these auctions. After all, I’ve had Honeysuckle since the year she was manufactured, Baby Din-Din (seriously, who the hell named that one?) for longer than I can remember, and the only reason I bought the replacement Violet is because I once had one. And because she was only five bucks. These dolls mean something to me, and that’s why I still have them.

I haven’t looked up any of the other toys I had from childhood. I’m afraid I’d get too depressed at the high prices being commanded for things I either tossed, wore out, or just gave away. And at the fact that my toys are now considered collectible. It’s rather disconcerting that people see those things the same way I see depression glass and large console radios.

Juli Page Morgan, bestselling author of Romances that Rock

In any case, I’m glad I kept my Liddle Kiddles, and glad I bought the replacement Violet before sellers got so greedy adventurous with their pricing. I’ll never sell them, but will keep them for that sweet little curly-headed girl who plays with them now.

Did you keep any of your childhood toys? Have you priced any of them lately to see if you’re sitting on a goldmine? Do share!

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