Where Is Everyone?

On the sidebar to the right of this post you’ll see all the icons that link to my various social media accounts. Sometimes I think about removing some of them, because I go there and think, “Where is everyone?” There’s no one there, or if someone is there it’s not really anyone with whom I care to communicate. But I still keep the accounts because there are always nefarious-minded individuals who like to scoop up people’s names and open fake accounts with them. If I have the accounts and check in every now and again I can maintain my control over them. But honestly? There are only a couple of places I can be found with any regularity. Here’s my Social Media Update in case you go looking for me. 😉


Juli Page Morgan

I’ve recently started using my Instagram account on a daily basis, and I’m enjoying it immensely! 🙂 Hashtags are fun, y’all, especially when you make them up as you go along. But more importantly, they’re the way to find others who share your interests. Just type a subject in the search box and you’ll find all the posts you could want about it. Then click on the photos that catch your eye, and check out the accounts of the people who posted them. If you like the account then follow them, and their posts will show up on your feed. I like Instagram because it’s easy to like a post without having to come up with anything to say unless you want. And no one expects you to respond, either. They leave a comment and then move on. It’s the perfect social media for introverts! It’s hopping, y’all, and it’s where everyone is these days. Feel free to follow me on Instagram.


Juli Page Morgan

Facebook is the other social media hangout where I can be found daily. I really love my Author Page, and, to a lesser extent, my Profile. My Profile is getting annoying lately, though. Everyone is so effing mean these days. I’ve been having to unfollow and/or block so many hateful people over the past few months. Too, Facebook picks and chooses which posts we see. They limit our access to our friends and to the Pages we’ve liked which kind of cancels out the reason we go there, right? But I still update my Author Page a couple of times a day. I love connecting with everyone there, so please do come and join us!


Juli Page Morgan

I like Pinterest a lot, and you can probably find out a lot about me from looking at my boards. I do have boards for my books, but I rarely bother with those. I mainly pin things I find funny or poignant, DIY stuff I think I may try one day, clothes I like, and food to try. It’s pretty much just things I like without a lot of explanation. If you’d like to follow some or all of my Pinterest boards I’d love to have you along.


Juli Page Morgan

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I don’t like Twitter. I never have liked it, and now that it’s gasping out its dying breaths it’s not doing anything to change my mind. If you think people are mean on Facebook then you’ve not been on Twitter lately. Every time I log on (which isn’t often; maybe once a week) I end up unfollowing dozens of people. I used to follow a lot of authors, but now the majority of author accounts are nothing but updates on daily word count, retweets about other people’s books, BUY MY BOOK tweets and/or out-of-context lines from their books or blogs. There are only a couple of people who use Twitter almost exclusively for social media connections, and if it ends up that they’re the only two or three I follow anymore then so be it. But Twitter just makes me angry, anxious and depressed. So I rarely bother with it.

Google +

Juli Page Morgan

I never log on there, so there’s that.

So that’s where I am. And where I’m not. 🙂 If you start looking around and wondering “Where is everyone?” then feel free to come join me on some of these other social media networks. Next up? Learning SnapChat. I have an account, but no idea how to use it. 😀

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