Why I Have A Baton, And The Four Things It Wants You To Know

But not one of those batons that majorettes use, because I’d just hit myself in the head trying to use it and end up in the emergency room. And not one of those batons that runners use, because, well, running. I don’t run unless something’s chasing me. But the baton I have is like a virtual runner’s baton, and it was passed to me by the awesome Peggy Bird. Y’all need to check out the six books in her Second Chances series, starting with Beginning Again. Not only is Peggy an author, she’s also a glass artist and makes the most beautiful things! You should follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and her Pinterest page is pretty rockin’, too.

Juli Page Morgan, author of Romances that Rock


So now that I’ve got this baton, I’m required to answer four questions and then pass the baton. Let’s get started!

1) What am I working on?

I’m currently working on my fourth Romance that Rocks. While Sister Golden Hair does have the gorgeous long-haired rocker dude, this time he’s not a guitar player, but a lead singer. I know, right? But Rhys is a beautiful dude even if he doesn’t strap on an axe before he heads onstage. In fact, some of my critique partners have told me they think Rhys may just be their favorite of all my heroes. Plus, the heroine, Rhett, is different from any of the women in my previous books. You’ll get to meet them this summer!

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My books differ from the majority of rock star romances because I’ve been there, so I’m able to tell you how it really is. I’ve been backstage, both before and after the shows. I’ve stood side-stage while the band played. I’ve been on their tour buses and in their hotel rooms, and I’ve even been ON the stage a time or two introducing bands, big ones, too. I’ve interviewed them, I’ve hung out with them, and I’ve called many of them my friends. So my books show you the real rock star lifestyle with all the glamour, the lights, the crowds, the sex, as well as who they really are underneath all that craziness. I love being able to really take you backstage and beyond. 🙂

Juli Page Morgan, Author of Romances that Rock

Yeah they do!

3) Why do I write what I do?

Because I love it. (And because rock stars DO do it harder! 🙂 ) Those rocker boys stole my heart from the first time I put a needle to a vinyl record, and it brings them back to me when I write about my rock star book heroes. Plus, I enjoy showing that the realism is even hotter than the fantasy.

4) How does your writing process work?

The idea comes to me and I open up a Word doc and start typing. Sometimes a song will remind me of something that happened with that band, or I’ll see a news story about one of the guys I knew. Or sometimes I’ll get an idea out of the blue. I don’t write in a straight line, either. I’ll write a chapter or two, then I might jump ahead months or even a year in the story and write some chapters there. Then I’ll go back and fill it in. Drives my critique group nuts, too. 😉 And no, I never plot my stories. Ever. I tried once, and it was ugly. Had to toss all of it out and start over, so no plotting.

Now it’s time to pass the baton! I’m slappin’ it in the capable hands of Ruth Davis Hays. Ruth, author of The Translation of Jorthus series, is a native Floridian, a graduate from FSU School of Theatre, a wife and mother. She has created costumes for and worked on several independent films, and enjoys drawing faerie art in her spare time. Mark your calendars for next Monday, March 17th, and be sure to go visit her at her blog to find out what she’s up to and to see who gets the baton next!

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Peace Love Rock




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