Wrapping Up Massachusetts

Before this turns into a travel blog 😉 , here’s the final run-down of my amazing trip to Massachusetts!

A Bit More About Salem

Last time I told you a bit about Salem, and mentioned how much more there is to the city than just the Witch Trials. But believe me, Salem doesn’t ignore its witchy past, and neither does anyone else. Parts of the movie Hocus Pocus were filmed there, as well as an episode of the television series Bewitched.

Juli Page Morgan

Me with the statue of Samantha Stevens in Salem; one of the residential streets in Salem; the bandstand at Salem Common; the Salem Witch Museum

I was especially impressed with Salem’s memorial to the victims of the 1692 witch frenzy, in which so many people were accused of witchcraft and killed because of it. The Witch Trials Memorial is a peaceful, quiet place, done with dignity and respect.

Juli Page Morgan

The Salem Witch Trials Memorial; one of the granite benches at the memorial; each bench is inscribed with the name of one of the accused witches along with when and how he or she was killed

Juli Page Morgan

The oldest burial ground in Salem, just behind the Witch Trials Memorial; when they say “old” in New England, they MEAN old!; part of the burial ground

If you’ve never been to Salem, I urge you to put it on your list of Must-See places. And don’t forget to stop by Red’s for breakfast. However, it would be best if you didn’t eat for a couple of days beforehand. When they tell you the pancakes there are as big as your head, they’re not kidding!

Juli Page Morgan

The lighthouse at Winter Island; Author S.A. Hussey at Winter Island; the ginormous pancakes at Red’s!; this is all I could eat, and even then it was almost too much; a sign in Salem

It’s Boston, Baby!

On Friday we got up early and headed into Boston. Not only were we hoping to run into Jimmy Page, I was researching parts of the city since several chapters of Sister Golden Hair take place there. I fell right smack dab in love with Boston, even if it did turn cold and rainy and make my hair frizz and I ended up wearing a large red lobster on my chest. The Boston Common and the Public Garden are both wonderful, beautiful places, especially in May when everything starts to bloom.

Juli Page Morgan

Gorgeous pink tulips at the Public Garden; tulips were blooming everywhere!; the fog rolls into Boston; The Public Garden

Juli Page Morgan

On the train going to Boston; outside Boston Common; the Old State House; Hello, Boston!

Juli Page Morgan

S.A. Hussey at the Frog Pond at the Public Garden; Hello, Froggy!; walking into the Public Garden; a swan on her nest

After our two amazing days in the city, Stephanie and I kicked around the island of Nahant and then in the gorgeous town of Marblehead. And yes, since we were running on very little sleep and still high from our encounter with the charming and gorgeous Mr. Page and Mr. Halfin, we got a little silly. 🙂 I swear, I feel like I’ve known Steph my whole life, and I think the pictures her daughter caught of us show it!

Juli Page Morgan

The Forty Steps on Nahant; taking a break after about 25 steps!; Author S.A. Hussey on Nahant; me at Marblehead

Juli Page Morgan

Author S.A. Hussey and me at Marblehead. Yep, we got a tad goofy. 😉

Wish I Was There

All my life I’d heard of the beauty of New England, but nothing I’d heard could have prepared me for the reality of how beautiful it really is. I will be going back there, because our Rock Star Adventures curtailed some of the things we wanted to do. (Totally worth it, though!) As I sit here writing this, I can still feel the breeze coming off the Atlantic and smell the ocean, and I miss it.

Juli Page Morgan

This store sign, because Led Zeppelin!; S.A. Hussey outside Agganis Arena at Boston University; we were on the hunt for Jimmy!; my Jimmy autograph; Jimmy Page in Boston – photo by Boston Street Photography; me at the miniature Stonehenge; a nice scenic shot; a photo I snuck in of Jimmy Page; Stephanie and me losing it at Marblehead; and yes, I did have some clam “chowdah” at The Tavern in Salem!

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